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February 23rd, 2007

Chain sisters. They seem to be every slaveâ??s worst
nightmare. Even mine, depending on the woman. While Iâ??m most definitely
bisexual and I absolutely want to have a sister slave (and not only because Iâ??d
have someone to share the housework with, though thatâ??s definitely a perk!),
sometimes the girls Master shows interest in just do not appeal to me. Be it
their appearance or their personality, what have you.

So what does one do when the one who owns them decides itâ??s
time to add someone else to the chain? Or if you find youâ??re extremely drawn to
a man who already owns another slave or ten? And what if you donâ??t get along
with one of these other slaves?

On Gor, this was never an issue. Men owned dozens of slaves
for a million different reasons. Sometimes they all looked startlingly
different. Others, they were all extremely alike. And the bickering between
slaves to be the most pleasing in the masterâ??s eyes added to the girlsâ?? beauty.
Any other bickering was left to the slaves unless it got out of hand. The men
thought it amusing and stayed out of it.

Unfortunately for our men, real Earth women are extremely
territorial. I hear it every day. â??I canâ??t be with him. He has another slave.â? â??He
wants a second slave. I donâ??t want to be a part of this anymore.â? â??I will not
share my master.� And so on.

The first time Master broached the subject of a second
slave, I responded exactly the same way. At the time, I was little more than a
submissive trying to learn how to be a slave still fooling myself into
believing that that wasnâ??t my calling. I liked the girl He was interested in. Iâ??d
spent days talking to her and playing online games with her and just hanging
out with her and having fun. Weâ??d spoken on the phone once or twice. She was
awesome. But I was not sharing my master.

The way it was resolved would probably be considered
manipulation. And at the time, I could have safeworded out. I probably could
have even begged my way out of being owned by Him and gotten my way. Instead, I
listened to all His arguments for having a second slave, all her reasons for
wanting to be that second slave, andâ?¦ unclenched my fist. It doesnâ??t matter
that it ended badly, or even that when we tried again with her that ended badly
as well. What matters is that in the end, I decided that His happiness was more
important than my own.

And thatâ??s what it comes down to. His happiness is more
important that yours. Period. Matter of fact, Iâ??ll even go one step farther and
say yours isnâ??t important at all unless he says it is. And in cases where your
happiness interferes with his, most masters will refuse to bend to your will. Why
should they give up what they want to make a slave, a piece of property, owned
flesh happy?

In the event that you have become infatuated with a man who
owns another slave, my suggestion to you is to either a) learn to get along
with her â?? she was there first or b) move on. In most cases, unless she does
something to cause him to change his mind, the one he will leave behind in the
event of conflict is you. He already owns her. Heâ??s owned her for a while. And
his ownership of her has worked out just fine until you came along. Thereâ??s a
problem that needs to be solved and that problem is you. You will be removed
from the equation.

My advice to someone who is owned by someone who wants to
own more than one slave? First, donâ??t put up too much of a fight. These men are
dominant in all things. Feeling they are being restricted by someone elseâ??s
rules â?? especially the â??rulesâ? a slave attempts to place on them â?? will only
serve to make them want it more. And eventually theyâ??ll have what they want
whether you want it or not. Itâ??s easier on all parties involved if the
subservient one remains in their place. This is not to say you shouldnâ??t voice
your opinion. If they want it, theyâ??ll ask for it, and you should absolutely be
up front and honest. Respectfully.

My next piece of advice would be to make a conscious,
visible effort to make friends with the object of his interest. Give him (and
her) absolutely no reason to believe you are trying to sabotage this new
relationship. Donâ??t run to him with some new thing to tattle about every day. If
sheâ??s going to hang herself, sheâ??s going to do it on her own. Heâ??s not going to
let you hold the rope she does it in and you shouldnâ??t try to. And if your
attempts to be friendly arenâ??t working, just continue to kill her with
kindness. If things get out of hand and there is some form of proof, put it in
your ownerâ??s hands and let it go. Itâ??s not your place to punish her. Your
purpose in life is to make your ownerâ??s life easier. Be pleasing and obey. And
being the cause of a conflict in his household does none of these things.

Donâ??t be outwardly jealous. If it feels like sheâ??s getting
all of his attention, itâ??s possible youâ??re being paranoid. Itâ??s also possible
this is true. But thatâ??s his choice, not yours. And itâ??s not her fault. Unless
it is (i.e. sheâ??s kicking up a lot of fuss about nothing, etc.). But in either
case, let him see it on his own and donâ??t treat either of them differently
because of it. Thereâ??s no reason for you to back off (unless he tells you to)
or distance yourself. Without an order from him, thereâ??s no cause for you to â??give
them spaceâ?. And unless he asks for it, thereâ??s no reason to â??allow them alone
timeâ?. However, donâ??t pester either.

Bottom line, let the relationship run its course and donâ??t
add to the drama. Donâ??t be a part of the problem. And give it a chance to work.

Itâ??s possible to find your best friend in a chain. Itâ??s also
possible to find your worst enemy. But whichever you find, be sure that youâ??ve
given it an honest try before you give up on it. This way, regardless of how it
ends, if it ends, you know without a doubt that you didnâ??t cause it. That you
remained in your place as slave and did everything possible to make the
transition as easy as possible.

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