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February 18th, 2007

I didn't write yesterday. I didn't have time, really. It was
up, and off to work, and back down again.

Yesterday was amazing. We'll ignore the fact that the closer
it gets to me leaving my job the more I hate it. We'll start with the sudden
interest my boss has in trying to convince me to stay. Then I'll tell you the
good part.

I got to work and started bouncing around getting things
done, my usual routine. I was ecstatic that salads, subs and garlic bread were
all finished because that meant I could work on things I'd been meaning to do
all week. Like refill and change the case salads and clean out the bowl
cabinets. Not that I should really care about the bowl cabinets now that I'm
leaving, but my mother always taught me to leave things better than I found
them and I'm doing what I can to do that.

At some point, I walked out into the "alcove"
between receiving and the store and got cornered by M.
"I'm really sorry I couldn't give you days."

"It's fine. Water under the bridge, now."

"I know. And I know it sucks. But you're good at
closing. I needed you for closing. This work's not for everyone, though, and I
know that."

"M, it's not that. I love the job. And if L (Master)
worked nights I wouldn't mind closing at all. It's just the hours suck. I hate
the hours."

"I know. Well, I'm really sorry. Hey listen… Once you
figure out your schedule there, do you think you could still work here part

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

"I don't know. I guess I could try. But I don't see
how. I mean, I'm basically on call between the hours of 6am and 7pm every day.
At least until they replace the people who are always calling out. I'd have to
bail on you to go there and that's not fair to you or to anyone who works here.
And if I get the 11-7 shift, well there's really no point in me coming here at
7:30 to close the deli."

"True. That sucks. Well, I hope you like it. I hope
it's everything you want it to be. And there's always a place for you here if
it doesn't work out there."

"Hey, thanks."

I talked to Master and He told me about everything Heâ??s been
doing for the house. We bought a stand for the fish tank the other day and it
looks spectacular. He cleaned the bedroom and the living room and dining room
while I was at work. And He put the cross back together! Now we just need a
small coffee table for our living room.

When He picked me up, we went to Wal-Mart, got food, and bought
a new fountain for the altar. The one we bought at the yard sale finally kicked
the bucket. The one we picked out last night is gorgeous. One of these days Iâ??ll
go through and snap pictures of some of the stuff we have in the house for the

When we got home, we cracked open the bottle of wine weâ??ve
had in the fridge since Christmas. Two glasses of wine, a glass of passion
fruit juice and rum, and a glass of cranberry juice and vodka later we climbed into
bed and crashed. But while we drank, we watched the music DVDs weâ??ve taken to
watching once in a while. It was another warm fuzzy night and I enjoyed it
immensely. Nothing says â??I love you.â? like lounging on the couch and watching
POS and Queensryche jamming it out on stage.

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