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Dramaless == Topicless

February 15th, 2007

Iâ??m a little weirded out right now. Iâ??m starting to realize
that without some form of drama I have nothing to write about. The drama gives
me topics to discuss and points to make and examples to give of what would
happen in Masterâ??s and my relationship. Thereâ??s not been much drama around here
lately. And the little bit there has been, Iâ??ve managed to blow off.

My biggest issue, lately, is I have a comment for
everything. Generally speaking, Iâ??m just joking around. But there are occurrences
that even in a joking manner what I say is disrespectful. Thatâ??s out of line.

More than once this has been an issue. I get good about it
for a little while and then for whatever reason I stop. I think thatâ??s going to
be my main focus for a little while. Watching what I say and how I joke around.

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