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February 14th, 2007

Just a few stories I thought were interesting:

A Washington
man is trying to get a law called Initiative 957 up for review in November. The
law states that newlywed couples must prove they are capable of having children
to be permitted a marriage license and if a child is not born within the first
three years, the marriage is annulled.

The reason?

The state of Washington's law banning same sex
marriages cites procreation as the reason people of the same gender shouldnâ??t
be allowed to marry. The man is trying to point out that whatâ??s fair is fair. If
same sex couples cannot be married because they canâ??t have a baby together, so
too should male/female couples who cannot or will not have children be refused
the privilege of marriage.

An art teacher in Frisco,
Texas has been suspended with pay
for bringing children to a museum that featured nude art. The field trip was
approved by the principal of the school but when a parent complained about the
galleryâ??s displays the school hung the teacher out to dry. The board is now citing other troubles with the teacher, such as wearing flip flops (they were
Via Spiga sandals) to class. The teacher and her lawyer, however, have copies
of passed employment reviews in which the teacher received superb ratings.

A man in England
hacked into 97 computers belonging to Nasa and the American government and did $700,000
worth of damage to them. America
is now attempting to have him extradited so that he may be tried here for his
crime. In May of 2006 a British judge ruled that McKinnon should be extradited
to face his charges and his lawyer is appealing to Londonâ??s High Court. Should McKinnon be
extradited, he will face being tried under Americaâ??s anti-terrorism laws and
will face up to 60 years in prison. The US offered McKinnon a deal with a
lesser sentence if he stops fighting extradition. The deal was denied and
McKinnonâ??s lawyer says it was an improper approach.

Am I the only one who thinks our countryâ??s going to hell in
a hand basket? Maybe Revelations is upon us. I should read up on my
Bible studies, I suppose. Learn what weâ??re facing so I can prepare myself!

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