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Yesterday’s Task

February 6th, 2007

I thought maybe if I told you what yesterday's task was Master would have to post the pictures from last week and this week. I guess He doesn't have to do anything but here's hoping, right?

The Monday task thing works like this: I give Him three ideas of things I can do to myself and take photos of and He picks one. I will be completely honest in telling you I am utterly out of ideas. I even resorted to asking someone else, which hasn't been made against the rules. vanesa is more than welcome to be my sadistic sister any day cause gods was it awesome.

So her idea was this. I put a toy (the vibrating plug) inside me and waxed my pussy till it was sealed shut. Well, almost. I stopped before it was completely covered because it was taking FOREVER and I had long since stopped feeling the wax hit my pussy because of the layers that were already forming. Then once that was done, I beat my pussy with the slut paddle to break the wax off.

It took me an hour of picking and a shower to get all the wax off of my cunt. But damn was I wet after. And I begged and begged to cum and Master said no. BUT! He came home and fucked me and that's a bazillion times better!

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