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Out of Line and Eleven Hours

February 3rd, 2007

Iâ??m not real sure what to write about. Iâ??m having difficulty
thinking about much besides my frozen digits and the pain in every inch of my
body. Eleven hours of work is obviously entirely too much.

I got out of line yesterday with Master. I was upset because
He was yelling at me and I got pissy. When we got home, He revoked my right to
speak and made me sit on the floor.

Iâ??m so tiredâ?¦ I canâ??t even think. This eleven hour shift
thing was stupid. And Iâ??m not going to have a chance to catch up either,
because I work tomorrow. Iâ??m off Monday, but I have to get up early anyway to
take care of Master. Iâ??m doomed to be tired for the rest of the week, I
suppose. Blah. Is it bedtime yet?

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