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January 25th, 2007

I've spent today going through my blog and reformatting. Apparently the migration caused the apostrophes to show up as quotation marks. This means I have to go through and at least half read the entries to fix them. That beats having to move them all any day, though!

Is it a bad thing that I make myself want to vomit? I'm trying very hard to remember that Master's and my relationship was very different then and I was still learning as I went. I'm still learning now, but back then I was extremely fresh. None of this is helping the nauseous feeling I get when I read the entries.

For starters, I didn't much care about grammar back then. I just typed away without even thinking about whether I was using the correct word or not. And I ignored sentences that didn't go together right.

On top of all that, god damn I was a brat. I mean, I can be bratty now, but no where near like back then.

I'm trying really hard to just pick out the errant quotation marks and be on my way. Maybe I should just delete them all. Please, can I?

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