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It’s come to my attention

January 20th, 2007

that I should totally bend over the bed in spanking position more often. I got a minispanking when Master got out of bed.

I wanted to put this in the current news article but Master's hogging it and I didn't want to put another article on top. So I guess it goes here temporarily (until Master stops hogging the current news article).

Anyway… if anyone wants to link to us, feel free. I just ask that you let me know. You don't have to… I just enjoy knowing who likes us enough to put our link on their site. And if you'd like us to link to you, message or email me with the link and a description and I'll get your link up as soon as possible Smile If you're on livejournal or blogspot or something, I can (and will) link to you but this site doesn't currently support blogroll or anything like that. It's a bummer, I know.

Don't you love how I lured you in, making you think you were going to get another sexual post, and then… BAM! It's a news article? I know. I'm a bitch. Blame Master… or something Tongue out I'd love to make this sexy but I'm off to work and there's nothing really sexy about playing with coldcuts. Actually it's kind of nauseating. Undecided

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