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Instant Obedience

January 19th, 2007

Todayâ??s entry was originally going to be about instant
obedience. My point was going to be that a slave canâ??t pick and choose which
orders she obeys instantly and which ones itâ??s okay to disregard until sheâ??s ready
to do them. Perhaps Iâ??ll still touch on that a bit since it seems to be
something I have trouble with from time to time. Usually when Iâ??m writing
something â?? a blog entry, a forum response, a story Iâ??m working on, etc. The original
reason I was going to write this, however, was handled. And I shocked myself
with my ability to actually open my mouth and say â??This is frustrating.â? though
unfortunately I didnâ??t go about it the right way. So the next step is to remember to do it
the right way (i.e. hitting my knees and begging permission to tell Master whatâ??s
on my mind).

In any event, without further ado, instant obedienceâ?¦

Instant obedience is a topic of discussion on a lot of D/s
forums. When owners take the time to call out an order, they expect the slave
to spring into action without hesitation. Sort of like Simon
Says. Last person to touch their nose is out.

Last night, Iâ??m ashamed to say that Master told me to do
something and I didnâ??t spring into action with my catlike reflexes and
unimaginable agility. I satâ?¦ at my computerâ?¦ and finished the forum post I was
working on. I typed faster! But I didnâ??t obey. This happens a lot, actually. I
got yelled at and started to move my ass as soon as I heard His voice raise on
the first syllable of the sentence He yelled. He shouldnâ??t have had to go that

I didnâ??t act all offended. I knew (know) what I should have
done was get up and do what I was told. If only I could respond to getting in
trouble with that much grace all the time!

It was a case where, while not dire, instant obedience was
expected. Instant obedience is always expected in this household. Unless there
is some reason I canâ??t or shouldnâ??t follow through with an order or donâ??t
understand the order, I should be on my way to doing it without a second
thought. And â??Why?â? doesnâ??t qualify as not understanding an order â?? a fact that
is completely lost on me, Mrs. Why-Child herself, but Iâ??m learning.

So this morning, when Master got out of the shower and told
me to go start the truck, instead of making His coffee, which was to be my next
step, I set the coffee cup on the counter, and went out to the truck. When I
got back, I was chastised for not making His coffee first.

(Thatâ??s where â??This is frustrating.â? came in.)

I probably should have asked to be allowed to make His
coffee first. He had a valid point (not that His points are ever not valid, Him
being the Master and all, but this time it was especially validâ?¦ or something)
in that in order to drink His coffee, it needs to be ready for when He eats
breakfast or else He doesnâ??t have time. But I have a morning routine that,
unless He decides I need to do it differently, I follow every morning without

I get up (after laying in bed and whining to myself about
how I want to stay in bed the most this morning out of every other morning and
if Heâ??d only just let me Iâ??d be a much happier slave by lunch timeâ?¦ That works,
right??), and then climb out groaning â?? again to myself â?? about how itâ??s
friggin freezing. I walk into the bathroom, where Heâ??s already happily (or
unhappily, as the case may be) scrubbing away, and ask when He wants me to make
breakfast and what He wants and then, finally, if I can get on my computer. I
type away at a blog entry if I already have one in mind, or I read the news and
such if I donâ??t. And then, when itâ??s time, I go make breakfast. After Iâ??ve made
His breakfast, I make His coffee. This way His coffee doesnâ??t even have a
nanosecond between the making and the placing on His desk to get cold.

This morning, when He got out of the shower, I had literally
just set His plate on His desk and had my hand on the coffee mug. And then I
was ordered out into the snow (Yes! We have snow! Sort of.) to start the truck.
Being trained that present orders outrank standing orders (and then Iâ??m to
revert back to standing orders unless thereâ??s another present order given to
me), I left the coffee cup where it was and walked out to the truck.

My frustration stemmed from being told I was doing things
wrong when I thought I was doing things exactly the way I had been trained to
do them. I went about a standing order and halted in the middle of said order
to complete a present order and instantly obey without hesitation. I started
breakfast exactly when Master told me to and was putting His plate on His desk
the second He stepped out of the shower. Then, without questioning or
hesitation, I spun from the task at hand to complete the one He had just given
me. Thatâ??s the way itâ??s supposed to be, right?

Thereâ??s a common sense factor here. Common sense says, Starting
the truck is not going to make or break the day. Ask if you should make His
coffee first and then follow orders.
But at the same time, thereâ??s a â??slaveâ??s
common sense� that says, Do not question orders unless an emergency that
would cause harm to Master or His property deems it absolutely necessary
. Itâ??s
that little slave guardian angel glaring over my shoulder that I listened to
this morning. Why donâ??t I listen to her when itâ??s most important? Like when I
should have shut my mouth an hour ago or I desperately need to beg for mercy?

So just for a quick rehash, the difference between last
night and this morning.

Last night, there was no reason for me to question orders. I
wasnâ??t in the middle of anything but something silly I was spending my free
time working on. There was absolutely no reason for me to sit on my ass
and not follow the order He gave me. And even if it was something tiny (The
actual order, for those wondering, was to go turn the TV on, put it on the
channel our show was on, and fix the rabbit ears so it came in clear â?? we donâ??t
have cable.), itâ??s my duty as property to obey without question or hesitation
unless there is a dire reason that I should not. And even then, my course of
action is to make Master aware of the situation (preferably while attempting to
obey) and abide by His decision.

This morning, there was a question that should have been
asked and I didnâ??t ask it. Even though I followed His orders to the letter (as
far as starting breakfast on time and going to start the truck), I still was at
fault for inconveniencing Him. I could have avoided that by asking which He
wanted me to do first. And ultimately, making coffee would have only taken a moment.

This brings into play the actual comment I made to Him when
He asked why I was frustrated. I said, â??I canâ??t pick and choose which orders to
jump to obey and which ones to ignore until Iâ??m finished what Iâ??m doing. I
either instantly obey or I donâ??t.â?

The obvious response to this is: Next time, ask (which was His response). That falls
under the â??not understanding an orderâ? clause and is, thereby, a relevant reason
not to leave behind what Iâ??m doing and obey without hesitation. Sort of like
when Simon doesnâ??t say.

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