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Good sex? The neighbors needed a cigarette!

January 19th, 2007

My body temperature must be a hundred and fifty degrees.  I look like I just smoked a fat blunt and walked out in a wind storm.  It’s amazing what good sex will do to a girl’s appearance.

We fucked… for a really long time.  Master put me to the challenge of overpowering His migraine and getting Him off.  And the final score is: Rayne 1, Migraine 0! Was there ever any doubt?

Me sucking, fucking, massaging, licking, and Him trying to rip my tits off made for one hell of fuck fest.  And it was my turn to cum so hard I pulled stomach muscles.  Damn, was it good.

I have claw marks on my nipples and all over my tits.  My eyes are bloodshot because silly me opened them after aiming His cock at them.  I love taking a cum shot to the face and love even more taking it over my eyes.  It’s when I’m not careful about keeping cum OUT of my eyes that I want to kick myself for this fetish.

And… Master likes boobies on His cock.  And on His back.  And on His legs.  And on His feet.  He really liked me fucking His feet with my tits.  That was a weird one for me but gods did it get my pussy wet.  Weird because I’d never done it before tonight.  I liked it.  I even contemplated sitting my pussy on His big toes (something that, once upon a time, just thinking about made me want to vomit).  But I wasn’t sure if He’d like that.  I was in such a zone that asking, and especially being told no, would have just utterly killed the mood for me.  I was enjoying that He was enjoying my vicious attempt at pleasing Him.

I licked His ass while I humped the back of His leg and then He made me lick my juices off His leg.  I rubbed my tits all over Him just for the sake of rubbing them all over Him.  And I touched Him every where.  I crawled between His legs, which I rarely do for fear of hurting His extremely sensitive knees, and went to town.  And then He ordered me on top of Him.

I slipped my sloppy wet twat onto His ram rod shaft and fucked for all I was worth.  Then He started pinching the fuck out of my tits.  I seriously thought He was going to rip my nipples off.  At least my right one.  They’re still sore.

Just… oh my god.

And then He told me to get off and show Him how a good whore takes it on her face.  I couldn’t resist.  I had to taste myself again.  I must say, I taste damn good.  I slid my mouth over His cock and then massaged taking little licks now and then until He came on my face.

After, He walked up behind me and ran His hands over my overheated flesh.  He said I did a really good job and He wished His head didn’t hurt so bad.  It’s awesome to get compliments.

Gods… I’m still horny!

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