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Deep Seeded, Unsated, Primal Need

January 11th, 2007

I canâ??t get my head into anything. Even my favorite blogs
seem bland to me. Iâ??ve gone through porn shot after porn shot, because the
problem is my dripping, trembling, quivering pussy, and nothing sates this
incredible hunger.

So I thought Iâ??d write. Write about how incredibly fucking
horny I am. About how having Master home for lunch is going to be pure torture.
About how the only images that are interesting to me are the ones inside my
mind. The ones I couldnâ??t possibly have seen but still know they were there.

Iâ??m not modest anymore. Not really. And yet there are still
things that can humiliate me beyond anything Iâ??ve ever felt before. Master
knows these things. He plays on them. He bends and molds and shapes them so
that they will still humiliate me no matter how often He does them.

And most of them are simple things, too. Last night while
Shrub was on TV, I walked out and perched on the edge of the loveseat watching
him speak while dinner was heating up. I glanced over at Master and smiled.

â??I canâ??t see your cunt.â?

I looked confused, Iâ??m sure. Of course He could see my cunt.
I was sitting naked almost directly in front of Him. But I instinctively let my
legs fall open.

â??I still canâ??t see all of it.â?
I spread them wider.

â??I canâ??t see your button.â?

I dropped my hands between my legs and pulled my pussy lips
apart exposing my clit and inner labia. My cheeks were flaming but I held them
that way until He sent me off to get His dinner. And my juices dripped while
the president spoke and the one who owns me stared into His open pussy.

When we finally crawled into bed, His hands snaked under
Violet and began to tug at my nipples. Each pinch and pull and flick brought a
whimper or a moan from my lips and within seconds His fingers were in His cunt.
He flicked my clit a few times, then pulled me closer to Him.

â??Kiss. Kiss, cunt.â?

I quickly swiped a hand over my lips, then scrubbed them
into my pillowcase. The chapstick still lingering on my lips would have only
served to piss Him off. In the dark, I felt my way to His lips with mine, then
tangled my tongue in His. And my heavy breathing and soft whimpers gave witness
to the fingers that were prodding at my pussy lips and sliding over my clit. It
wasnâ??t long before He told me to turn over.

With the very first thrust, I was ready to cum. Being the
kind of girl who needs some sort of contact to her clit, however, I had two
choices: beg to be allowed to play with my clit while He pounded my pussy or
wait until He told me to cum. Because Iâ??m still ridiculously embarrassed by
begging to cum, I chose to wait.

And instead I begged Him to hit me.

He punched me and pinched me and clawed me andâ?¦ oh god. And
He fucked me for what seemed like forever. And my pussy just kept dripping and
clenching. And Heâ??d flick my nipples and my whole body would shake.


Tonight, now that Iâ??m home from work, Iâ??m even worse off
than I was before. I stripped almost as soon as I was in the door and His hands
went instantly to my nipples. Tugging and pinching, forcing me to my toes. And
He slapped me. Not too hard at first. Then His eyes flashed and He said â??Canâ??t
give you sissy slaps, can I?â? And His hand flew rocking my head back. â??Baby
makes fun of Daddy when He gives her sissy slaps, huh?� And His hand flew the
other direction, backhanding me harder than I think He ever has. And He
continued this pace, steadily increasing the strength of His blows, until
finally both His hands went back to my nipples. â??But you like it, donâ??t you?â?

â??Yes, Master.â? I breathed.

And He chuckled, condemning me for a dirty whore. My cheeks
are still red and sore, but this whore wants to fuck. And the smell of Masterâ??s
cunt leaves no room for denial.

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