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Promise? Er… okay.

January 10th, 2007

When Master threatens to do something or talks about trying
something that Iâ??m really, really interested in, I almost always respond with â??Promise??!?â?
When He talks about something Iâ??m sort of interested in but embarrassed to say
so, or something Iâ??m not really incredibly interested in but I either donâ??t
want Him to know it or know there is a possibility of me changing my mind, my
response is usually â??Okay.â? If itâ??s something I absolutely do not want to do,
my response is usually â??Uhhhhâ?¦ â?? or â??Uhhâ?¦ Okay.â?

Since the caning, Iâ??ve been dabbling in â??No.â? As in, â??NO!
Donâ??t pinch there!â? or â??NO!! Keep your swatting hands off of my right ass
cheek!â? or â??No you cannot spank me while you fuck my pussy!â? This is a
shameless attempt to force His hand. At least Iâ??m honest! Except it
doesnâ??t work because I wimp out at the last second.

â??Are you telling me no, cunt?â?

I squirm.

â??I asked you a question. Are you telling me I canâ??t
spank my property?�

I whimper. I want to say â??Yes! As a matter of fact, I am
saying that.� Because that will immediately get my already sore ass beaten and
Iâ??m suddenly in this Please, please, I just gotta be beat on my already
bruised and aching ass!
place. But that other rayneâ?¦ you knowâ?¦ the good
one! That other rayne ekes out â??No, Master, Iâ??m not telling you no!â? in that Do
you think Iâ??m nuts??!?
tone. (The answer to that is: Yes He most certainly
does think Iâ??m nuts. Pretty much everyone we know agrees with Him.)

So you can imagine my surprise when He said â??Iâ??m going to slap
your ass while I fuck you tonight. And maybe Iâ??ll make you stick your own
finger up your own ass.â? That last was born of me â??wagglingâ? my fingers to
attempt to hypnotize Him into not being interested in hurting my poor sore ass â??
which Iâ??ve already said I actually want Him to hurt.


â??â??Uhhâ?? what, cunt?â?

â??Not a thing!â?

â??I said Uhh what, bitch.â?

â??Wellâ?¦ my own finger in my own ass hole? Thatâ??s justâ?¦ weird.â?

I soooo shouldnâ??t be posting about this. Itâ??ll totally
remind Him and He might actually do it!

Anywayâ?¦ His eventual response was to tell me that for my â??protestâ?
Iâ??ll be sitting in the corner with my finger up my ass for half an hour. And Heâ??s
going to take pictures.

Iâ??ll not mention that the way He said it made it sound like
He was going to make me take pictures and so I asked how I was supposed to take
pictures of myself with one hand. Iâ??ll also not mention that He responded that He
would be taking the pictures. And Iâ??ll definitely not mention that while my
cheeks burned at the thought, my pussy got a little squishy. Thereâ?¦ maybe He
wonâ??t do it if He thinks itâ??ll get me horny!


I watched, through the bathroom windows, as the treetops
played tag in the wind. And I wish, more than normal, that I didnâ??t have to go
to work. Itâ??s going to be fucking cold.

And when I get to work, my nose and eyes will both be
running. And the first thing Boss of the Year is going to say is â??Are you okay?â?
And even though Iâ??ll say â??It was the wind.â? heâ??ll look at me like Iâ??m deathly
ill and should be home in bed. And Iâ??ll fight the urge to say â??Well, Mr. Man,
if youâ??d schedule me when Iâ??ve asked you a hundred times to schedule me, I
wouldnâ??t have to walk here in this insane weather.â?

Instead, Iâ??ll continue taking my coat off and wishing it
wouldnâ??t be a hindrance if I left it on (not to mention get ruined). Iâ??ll duck
into my apron. Iâ??ll straighten my hat. And Iâ??ll wade into the fray calling â??May
I help whoâ??s next please? Next? Can I help whoâ??s next?â? until â??Nextâ?? throws her
hand in the air and says â??Oh! Thatâ??s me!â? in that Iâ??m so daft. Isnâ??t it
voice. And finally, Iâ??ll resist the urge to vomit in my hat and bite
back the retort â??Why, yes! Yes, you are daft. And it might have been cute the
first five hundred times you did it. But itâ??s cute no longer. Shut up and
order.� And thus begins another day in hell.

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