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The Morning (Day?) After

January 9th, 2007

Master stayed home today because He wasnâ??t feeling well. And
itâ??s probably a good thing He did because I was still a mess when we got up
this morning. I felt retched and terrible and I was utterly falling apart. All
I could think was â??What the hell is wrong with me? These are all things I know!
Why am I acting like a tantrum is going to change them?� And I had fallen back
on â??Iâ??ll just be a robot. Thatâ??s what He wants. A robot.â? Thatâ??s not what He
wants, stupid!

And I know that part of it is my period but thatâ??s really
not an excuse. And part of it is because He does let me get away with a lot
because weâ??re both tired and still adjusting to me being back at work. But I
should be taking this time to be more attentive and behave betterâ?¦ not exploit
the small amount of freedom to stretch that Heâ??s allowed me.

He says itâ??s done. There will be no more freedoms. There
will be no more leniencies. And from now on, Heâ??s going to make sure He reminds
me somehow at least once a day where I stand. Survey says?? YES! Thank you! And

Heâ??s positively evil. He keeps threatening my backside with
more of the cane. So I, being all intelligent and stuff, say â??Well, okay but
will you stand on the other side this time?�


â??But itâ??ll even me up!â?

He just chuckled.

We went back to bed and slept for six hours this morning and
Iâ??m still tired. I think most of it is emotional exhaustion. Being this
emotionally unbalanced for this long just seriously wipes me out. But after
tonight, I should be okay.

He sent me off to get on the bed so He could fuck my pussy
after a million years of the female curse and I was all but runningâ?¦ until I
realized that the cane was sitting on the shelf beside Him. I froze and walked
slowly. He didnâ??t bring the cane, though. And He didnâ??t hurt my already sore
ass. Though He got really close once to digging His nails into the welts. Isnâ??t
He wonderful?

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