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Are You Challenging Me? – 74

January 8th, 2007

FictionIconIt had been a month since she’d been allowed out of the basement. Longer still since she’d been given free reign of the house and the right to go outdoors. Not because of her own behavior, but to protect her from the new Mistress.

The house was dirty, giving witness to Oralee’s absence, and the first thing she did was begin to slowly pick up the mess the new woman left in her wake. She heard the lady, Mercy she was called, exclaiming about how long it took to clean up after the dirty slave. Oralee could only hope the Master knew better. She assumed, from the lack of beatings, that he did.

Hers was a simple life. The life of a slave often is. She’d made a few friends when out and about and found that hers was much different than most of the girls she knew. She began to plan out how to show her appreciation.

The Master came home finally and looked about his home. He searched for Oralee but she was nowhere to be found. Concerned that she had finally used her freedom as an escape route, he began to question his staff and his woman.


“Yes, Darling?”

“Where is Oralee?”

“You know that girl avoids me. How should I know?”

Maybe that was it. Maybe the slave had gone into hiding while the Master was away. He calmed himself and looked around.

“Why, the house is spotless, Mercy! However did she do it?”

Fires sparked in Mercy’s icy blue gaze. “She? I cleaned this house.”

The Master chuckled. “Do you not think I know my Oralee’s touch? Now, help me find her.”

“Find her yourself.”

A brief flash of anger crossed his rugged features before he stalked off to search the massive manor. Close to giving up, he wandered into his bedroom and collapsed onto his bed. He noticed his closet door askew and walked to it nudging it open with his foot. There, in a cage made of sturdy sticks and twine, slept his Oralee.

He watched her for a moment, pride filling his chest, until he noticed the note tied around her pretty throat. Reaching inside, he pulled the typed letter from the string and began to read.

You’re always having difficulties finding places for your toys. I made places for them all. Places they will be safe and easy to find when you want them. Happy birthday, with love-

He ran from the room and gathered Mercy into his arms. “It’s a beautiful gift, mine. Thank you!”

“Yours? You speak of me as if you own me! I haven’t given you your gift yet, M. I had forgotten it was your birthday. I suppose you’ll expect me to go marketing now.”

“You didn’t make that cage Oralee’s in?”

“Cage? Now that is a good idea. But no. You know I’ll have nothing to do with that filthy mutt of yours.”

His face turned stern and he grabbed her arm. “Follow me.”

He led her up the stairs and into his bedroom. There, he flung open the closet door startling Oralee awake.

“Hello, beloved.”

“Master?” The girl reached for the note around her throat.

He smiled down at her and opened the cage door gently leading her out. Then he unceremoniously shoved Mercy inside and locked the door.

“What are you doing?”

“Oralee made this for my toys. It’s only fitting you should be kept there.” And with that, he closed the closet door.

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