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Crying In My Coffee

January 8th, 2007 No comments

Enough avoidance. Iâ??m crying. Iâ??m crying over fucking
everything. That old adage about not crying over spilled milk? Yeah well, I
dropped the half gallon of milk when pouring myself a cup of coffee and some of
it spilled. I cried over that. I cried because I felt compelled to say â??Thank
you, Master.� when I was allowed to get the cup of coffee in the first place. Like
â??Thank youâ? when I should be grateful should be that much of a kick in
the teeth. Iâ??m crying because Iâ??m not allowed to go to lunch with Master and
His coworker because I threw a temper tantrum last night (during which I was
also crying as soon as Master walked out the door and couldnâ??t see the tears).
And now Iâ??m crying over the possibility that the father that sold me for five
grand is dead. Whatâ?¦ the fuck?

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