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Am I too fluffy?

December 21st, 2006 2 comments

I’ve said this before. A lot, I’m guessing. But I read a lot of blogs written by submissives and slaves. I enjoy knowing how others think.  Especially others similar to myself.

I’ve been reading Under His Hand quite a bit lately. I have a system, you see. I read a couple of the recent entries and if I like it I go to the beginning, the very first post, and I read all the way through (I’m only on August, 2006, kaya, so I haven’t read any of your updated entries. I will though! I swear!). I don’t read much of anything else during this process except for the things I’m required to read daily. If I need a break, I check in with the other blogs I read on occasion. But usually, I barrel on through until I’m at a place that I can just update myself daily or every few days depending on how often the blogger updates.

I love kaya’s journal. Master says it’s because her owner is so much like Him and she’s so much like me. He’s right. That has a lot to do with it. It’s also because they seem to be on a very similar path to the one Master and I have been walking these four years. It’s extremely rare for me to find someone like that, let alone a happily functioning (I almost typed “fucktioning” – we know where my mind is!) couple. It’s comforting. It shouldn’t matter, but it makes me feel less out of touch.

In any case, I mentioned kaya because I plan on singling out a post from her journal. I’ve already lost the date. If I get a chance I’ll go back and look for it again.

My usual disclaimer: This is not a slam. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and I’m completely capable of agreeing to disagree. I love that even though she and I seem so much alike on the surface we have a great many differing opinions. As soon as I have permission from Master (which means remembering to ask one of these days when He’s not busy with something else) to comment on her journal (Can you comment on a livejournal entry if you don’t have a livejournal account?) I plan to bug her to death there with all the ways we are the same and all the ways we are different! I also want to make mention that she didn’t even know my blog existed when this post was made as I only just found her so none of it was aimed at me. It was all about her.

Anyway, the post was about “journal fluff”. I don’t know if she still holds the opinion she stated there. It’s been a few months since she put it up. I also don’t know if the opinion stretched to everyone else or covered her journal alone. She talked about how entries about her kids and her cats and her owner’s job (You know, I don’t think she even attempted once to make up a name for Him other than “Master” so I’ll just have to continue calling Him “kaya’s owner” or “kaya’s master”!) and her interest in getting a job and her house and her dog and everything else in her life was fluff if it didn’t involve BDSM.  Read more…

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