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Parents and Pics

December 18th, 2006

The parent thing mostly went off without a hitch. They
brought us Christmas presents and we went Christmas shopping. We ate out and
had a pretty good time. Itâ??s weird. My parents have never liked anyone Iâ??ve
been with before. If they only knewâ?¦

Anyway, I wanted to update you guys so you didnâ??t think I
fell off the face of the earth. Masterâ??s newest interest is making me do things
to myself while Heâ??s at work and take pictures of whatever I do so that you all
can see pictures of me in pain. Perhaps I should thank kaya and her Master for
that one. One of these days Iâ??ll learn not to suggest Master read the blogs I
find interest in.

So there will probably be new pics up within a day or so. Iâ??ve
gotta figure out how to upload them myselfâ?¦ or ask Master to make an â??add to
galleryâ? button. Or maybe He likes posting them Himself? Who knows? He knows, Iâ??m

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