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Less than two hours??!?

December 15th, 2006

Master has this horrible habit of leaving His coffee cups (one of which used to be mine. It even still has the little “s” on the bottom so we can tell the difference) in the truck when He gets home. And I have the horrible habit of leaving them on the table or counter once they’ve actually come in the house to avoid having to look inside. Usually, this results in some watery separation of coffee and milk. Today it was syrup. Just…ew.

My parents are going to be here today. I’m half tempted to tell them they’re not allowed inside my house. It’s not that it’s dirty, really. Well…the bathroom and the kitchen need some serious help. I’d like to blame that on work, but only the kitchen is work’s fault. The bathroom, I’m ashamed to say, is because I have serious aversions to cleaning a bathroom that a man uses without gloves. But I have gloves now. I brought some home from work. So I suppose I’ll throw those one before I clean it.

I had today all planned out. First things first, towels and throw rugs in the washer. I don’t know what it is about the bathroom rugs. It doesn’t matter whether Master and I take our shoes off when we get home or not, whether we never walk through anything even remotely dirty, whether Master has to pee a hundred times a night and doesn’t turn the bathroom light on for fear of waking Himself up more than necessary, whatever. I still have to wash them at least once a week. Maybe it’s just because they’re such a light color? Who knows? So I did that while He was getting ready and I sprayed down the ceiling with Tilex because even when we leave the window open when we shower it mildews. Stupid low ventilation bathroom.

My plan was to sit down and eat breakfast, have a couple cups of coffee, and then just barrel through what needed to be done the way I usually do. Pick up the living room, dining room and bedroom. Put smell-good powder down on the carpets. Do the first load of dishes (though I think there may only be one and a half today!). Vacuum the carpets. Do the second load of dishes. Wipe down the counters, stove and kitchen table. Clean the bathroom. Sweep and try to figure out what to use for a dustpan. Mop. And finally, take the garbage out.

What? You thought a slave’s life was all roses and clover? HA!

Anyway…Master threw a kink in my plan. When He was leaving He looked down at me and said “I will be giving you a list of what you need to get done and when, understand slavefucktoy?” And I felt a thrill go straight from His eyes (which were locked on mine) down through my clit and back again. God, how is it He can do this to me? My pussy’s drenched and all I’m doing is cleaning!

And they just called and said they’ll be here by 1:30pm. FUCK!

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