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Play Time

December 11th, 2006

Master played with me last night! Wowowowowowow! Not a full out scene but yummy nonetheless.  I want more! God, I’m a greedy slut.

Anyway, sooo! We came home and I changed the water and the filter cartridge in my fish tank and let the new Plecostomus float on the surface in his little bag, and I was sitting in a chair when Master said, “Get your clothes off, bitch.”

Now, I hear tell all the time of dominants who have “tones” and “ways of talking” that let their submissive know it’s play time or it’s at the very least time to be dom/sub (Yes, I am being lazy and using abbreviations today.  Sue me.).  Master doesn’t have that.  He calls me whatever He wants whenever He wants.  And His tone is always the same.  He gets slightly meaner when He wants to play but by then it’s already too late to brace myself for whatever’s coming because it’s already here.

So He gave me a few things to do and last on my list was to bring Him the alligator clamps.  I got excited. He hasn’t clamped my nipples in ages.  So I bounded off to do the things He told me to and then met Him in the living room with the clamps balled up in my fist.  I stood behind the couch and He said, “Get your nipples hard, cunt.”  And I stared at the back of His head for a second.  He didn’t even turn around to make sure I was doing it.  It’s like He knew I would.

I sat the clamps on the back of the couch so my hands were free and I played with my nipples for a while to get them hard.  Damn if they weren’t resistant.  They just did not want to get hard.  And then He called me to Him.  I picked up the clamps and walked around to the front of the couch.  I held out my hand and He took them and put them on my nipples.  Yeeeouch! Instant pain.  And instant wet pussy.

For some reason, I get pouty when my nipples are clamped.  I go quiet and all I can concentrate on is the pain.  These sharp little bites on the ends of my nipples sending little shocks of “Touch me!” through my body and pulses of “Fuck me!” through my pussy.  My clit twitches like crazy and I just want to rub it until it falls off.

And then they come off.  And I want to cut them off and sew that hole that always gets me into these predicaments shut.  Until they’re no longer in soul-shocking pain and are only in that dull ache that is oh so yummy.  And then I’m back to the “Fuck me!” stage.

He took the clamps off while we waited for dinner to be done and made me lick and kiss His legs. Before dinner’s timer went off, He sent me on my way to the bedroom in search of the slut paddle. It took me a few minutes to find it. At first glance it didn’t appear to be where I’d left it.

Somehow, I have to finish this when I’m totally not interested anymore.

I got the paddle, laid on the bed with my legs spread as instructed, and waited. When He came in, He beat my pussy and then fucked me. Later that night, He fucked me again. First, though, He fingered my pussy and made me lick His fingers clean, then fingered my ass and made me lick His fingers clean. That last was out of character for both of us. Not sure if it’ll happen again… though, thankfully, it wasn’t a bad experience.

Anyway, I’m gonna go cry quietly to myself while I get ready for work.  I’m not in the mood to relay what happened.  Maybe I will later.

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