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December 11th, 2006

Nothing huge happened. I realized I'd gotten the days and
dates mixed up this week. I thought today was the tenth making Wednesday the twelfth.
The twelfth I need to work the afternoon because of a commitment Master has and
wants His slave to attend as well. I thought my work schedule was fine. I
thought Wednesday was the twelfth and I work five to nine Wednesday.

Needless to say, I was wrong.

Master was angry. His anger really upset me. And on top of
that, He didn't remember being on the phone with me while I told my boss that I
needed to work the afternoon shift on the twelfth so He thought I just forgot
to say something.

Somehow, I managed to not be a disrespectful cunt in all
this. Somehow, I managed to bite back the hurt and anger and just try to
explain what happened.

Anyway, it's over. I switched shifts with a coworker. I
realized on the way to work that she always works one to nine on Tuesdays and
she hates it. I figured everyone would be happy with the arrangement.

Master is sort of. He would rather I not have to close. But
there's not much to be done. Someone has to and if it's not her it has to be

The boss said he doesn't care. I'm expecting to get reamed.
But then, he never really says anything to me about anything unless it comes
from above. So who knows?

The coworker is ambivalent, which is weird.

But whatever, man. So long as no one wants to kill me over
it, I'm cool.

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