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Let’s talk about Master, shall we?

October 29th, 2006

Master got a raise. I’m so excited. This means that, between His raise and my newly acquired hours, our financial troubles should be greatly eased (provided the truck doesn’t break again and the landlord stops raising the rent – she raised it again). So while we’re being handed all this awesomeness, I’m expecting to get slapped in the face in the near future. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

Yesterday, I had to work and Master didn’t. So, I set the alarm clock for 8am, got up and showered, and left Him to (sort of) sleep while I started the process of getting ready to go to the deli. It was a bit crazy. I remembered I hadn’t dried my clothes or washed my apron the day before, but thankfully M (the boss) had given me a second hat to add to my collection so I did have a hat clean. So as I sit down to relax a bit after rushing around getting things going so I can be out of here on time, Master comes striding in the office naked and says “You should take your clothes off and get in bed so I can fuck you before you go.” I looked at the clock to see if we had time and there was nearly an hour till we had to leave. So I ran to the bedroom stripping as I went. When we finished, I cleaned up, got my stuff together, and made breakfast. Then I ran out the door.

On the way to work, Master asks, “What are you having for lunch?”

“Well, I thought I’d have a roast beast sandwich.”

“Did you make it before you left?”


“So I have to make it?”

“Nah, just bring me a yogurt.”

“You still have yogurt?”

“Yeah, there’s one left. Don’t forget the spoon this time?”

I jumped from the car after kissing Him and bounded off into my job. I friggin love working at this place. The
atmosphere is so relaxed. Most of the customers are really nice. The people are friendly and helpful. We have a lot of fun. And M thinks I’m the best investment he’s made!

Soooo… finally, lunch time rolls around and I jog down to Cumberland Farms (a convenience store/gas station across the street) and call Master on the pay phone (I’m the only person in the world without a cell, I think). When He gets to the store, He hands me a grocery bag. Inside is the yogurt I asked for (and a spoon), a Pepsi, and a…. ROAST BEAST SANDWICH!!! So I eat, moaning the whole time about how yummy my lunch is and how I have the best Daddy in the world.

One of the girls I work with had something to do today (her son’s very first Halloween party) and had forgotten to ask to not be scheduled to close so she asked me to close for her. I told her I’d talk to Master on my lunch and see if He had plans and He agreed to let me. I’ve never seen anyone so happy before. She bounced up and down for like
twenty minutes “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I love you. I owe you big!” Since she doesn’t know me, she has no idea that I’m really never good about collecting on old debts. I’d be wealthy if I was. Naturally, someone came into the store at five minutes till seven and made us put the last slicer back together and cut meat for him. We were late getting out.

As soon as I got in the car, I started apologizing. “I’m sorry. Someone walked in at five till seven and made us put the slicer back together. Other than that we were finished so we had to clean the slicer again. I’m really sorry.”

He was mad. I was twenty minutes late getting out. I’ve not been late getting out once since I’ve been there
so I was a little thrown off. But I know how much He hates it when I’m late getting out so I kept apologizing.

“Well, unfortunately, from now on when someone asks you to close for them, the answer is no.”

“Yes, Master. I’m really sorry. We did the best we could.”

I put my hand on His leg and He was wearing His work pants. He never wears His work pants unless He’s going to work or we’re going out somewhere nice. So I asked “Why are you wearing your pants?”

“No reason.”

We had originally decided that we would pop into Walmart and grab rolls to have meatball subs for dinner so I was a little perplexed when He, instead, turned down our street.

“You’ll have to hurry and get dinner done.”

“I thought we were going to get rolls.”


“So what are we having for dinner, then?”

“We talked about this.”

“Yeah, but I thought the final decision was meatball subs.”

He turned into the driveway and we got out of the car and I all but ran up the sidewalk to the porch. I was glad to be home. He opened the door and I almost fell over. The house was spotless. I mean… spotless. The living room was clean, the dining room table was completely cleaned off and our pumpkin was in the center with the autumn leaves I collected arranged around it (a beautiful centerpiece and an excellent idea!), and on the table were two plates, two forks, two wine glasses and a bottle of wine.

“Oh! Someone broke into the house and cleaned it and made dinner!”

“I have such an amazing Daddy.”

He was wearing His work pants because His jogging pants had gotten soaked while doing dishes.

An eight dollar bottle of wine (the last of our money till He gets paid), angel hair pasta, meatballs in my favorite spaghetti sauce, and Texas toast with melted mozzarella on it. Then after dinner we watched Lucky Number Slevin (amazingly well-made movie) while eating microwaveable brownies, and went to bed. Who could ask for a better night? Who could ask for a better Daddy? Who could ask for a better life?

Not me…I’ve already got way more than I deserve. Even with all the craziness in my life, I’m a very rich slave and I’m thankful.

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