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Let’s talk about Master, shall we?

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Master got a raise. I’m so excited. This means that, between His raise and my newly acquired hours, our financial troubles should be greatly eased (provided the truck doesn’t break again and the landlord stops raising the rent – she raised it again). So while we’re being handed all this awesomeness, I’m expecting to get slapped in the face in the near future. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

Yesterday, I had to work and Master didn’t. So, I set the alarm clock for 8am, got up and showered, and left Him to (sort of) sleep while I started the process of getting ready to go to the deli. It was a bit crazy. I remembered I hadn’t dried my clothes or washed my apron the day before, but thankfully M (the boss) had given me a second hat to add to my collection so I did have a hat clean. So as I sit down to relax a bit after rushing around getting things going so I can be out of here on time, Master comes striding in the office naked and says “You should take your clothes off and get in bed so I can fuck you before you go.” I looked at the clock to see if we had time and there was nearly an hour till we had to leave. So I ran to the bedroom stripping as I went. When we finished, I cleaned up, got my stuff together, and made breakfast. Then I ran out the door.

On the way to work, Master asks, “What are you having for lunch?” Read more…

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