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September 9th, 2006

Sometimes rayne wonders if it's possible for a slave to have
friends at all. There are plenty of people she knows and some of them she loves
to pieces, but if she were told to, she would have to cut them off. There are
often issues where someone that she talks to on a regular basis does something
"against the rules" and she has no choice but to tell Master.
Sometimes it's piddly stuff that doesn't matter. But others, it's something

It bothers this one that there are so many people who claim
to believe in the "Gorean Philosophy" but don't even slightly follow
it. Such as free women thinking they have the right to tell free men what to do
and free men just rolling over and allowing it and free women who were once
slaves feeling it is their duty to protect girls who are still slaves. Or
slaves who think they only have to serve when they feel like it. Girls who are
collared to a "home" and only go there once in a while, always
picking and choosing who they'll serve.

Master sometimes says "It should seriously piss you off
when you're made to do more work because another slave isn't doing her
job." rayne usually blows it off understanding that she is slave and she
will serve whether another girl is or not. Someone has to pick up the slack.
Besides, typing a lot in an IRC channel is nothing compared to having to serve
in real life so, who cares?

Well, after today, the answer is obviously a) a lot of free
people (including Master
Melen) care and b) rayne cares.
This one tries so hard to be understanding. After all, being an online slave is
such hard work (what subtle sarcasm???). But when one of her "sisters in
slavery" is given an assignment and then puts it off till the very last
minute refuses to come serve the home she's collared to (leaving rayne to serve
10-15 guests herself though she's not owned by the home) this one does get a
bit irritated.

And then she lied. she told one of the Keepers that she
didn't understand rayne and that's why she didn't come to help her serve. Fuck
her. Friend my fucking ass.

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