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Just a Slave… again

September 4th, 2006

Okay so it's been a couple of days but let's see if I can
write this out the way I'm thinking it now that I'm sober. Drinking once in a
while is a blast, but when rayne's completely blasted writing a blog entry is
really NOT a good idea

Okay so… here goes nothing.

The "just a slave" mentality sometimes irritates
the crap out of me, as I've mentioned before, if only because the people
wielding it often use it as a way to make themselves feel better when they
trample someone else's feelings. A girl I know did this for a while until she
realized that underneath the slave exterior was a person who has a brain and
(occasionally) uses it. We're friends now, when I have time to poke my head
into the only chat medium we share.

When it comes to "free persons", honestly it
doesn't matter what excuse they give themselves or others if they hurt or
humiliate a slave. That is their right and they don't need a good reason. This
pisses some submissives off. Some submissives believe that there should always
be a reason or it shouldn't happen at all. I'm not one of them.

Even in Gorean settings, I often have a free person
thoughtlessly say or do something to hurt me and almost immediately (especially
if they have known me a while) they apologize. And then they seem insulted when
I mention that I am just a slave and an
apology is unnecessary. I feel bad, but saying "Thank you, Master, for
apologizing for your screw up." makes me feel like I'm a) topping from the
bottom, somehow, and b) a hypocrite.

In any case, the real reason for my annoyance is slaves who
view other slaves as "just a slave". What the hell do you think you
are? The method behind my madness is simple. These girls see the fact that
their sisters in slavery are "just slaves" as the reason it's okay to
hurt each other. They figure "They're not free, they don't wield the
whip… who cares?" And they not only trample other slaves' feelings, but
they feed them to the wolves. It happens to me quite frequently.

A girl will get in trouble for something or be called on
something and immediately they have some reason another slave is to blame. A
slave will offer a suggestion to ease another girl's "suffering" and
suddenly the first girl is the reason for it. A Master will lash out at a slave
and that slave will spit venomous words at his property as if she a) had
something to do with it or b) could do something about it. And all the while,
the aggressors are telling themselves "She's just a slave, so it doesn't

Maybe in the grand scheme of things you won't get whipped
for pissing off a slave (unless she holds switch rights over you). Maybe a
Master will ignore the little bitches between slaves, letting them hash it on
their own, so long as neither property is damaged in any way. Maybe no free
person will knock you on your ass for being a stupid cunt. But I pity you if
ever you're left in the care of a slave you've stepped on. Because for most
slaves, being taught that they too are "just a slave" is a much
easier lesson to take from a free person than from a slave who was handed a
switch and told "Beat her whenever you want." It's much easier to hear
from someone you know is higher in the chain of command that you are "just
a slave" than to be made to cower before someone who you originally
thought lower than you.

We have plenty of reasons to hurt each other. Humans are
cruel animals. It's in our genes. But how can you use someone being a slave as
the reason you walk on them when you, too, are slave? Why not help each other
instead of hurting each other? Why not try to stand on your own two feet
instead of the shoulders of a slave you've beaten into submitting to another

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