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August 29th, 2006

I need to get into doing this more. For some reason, I seem
to have run out of steam. I'm going to attempt to churn out an entry every day,
if only a blog thing, from now on.

Right now I'm wrestling with something a little silly.
There's a girl in the channel we frequent on irc who gets more attention than I
do and it makes me want to rip my hair out. No, that's not the whole truth.
It's not that she gets more attention than me, although if I'm to be honest
that's part of it. It's that she's treated like

Usually I just ignore these things. I'm used to it. I'm
owned personally and my use is restricted. I can't occupy the free other than
serving cyber drinks in channel so I'm not quite as interesting. And whatever.
That's their right and I totally dig where they're coming from. But lately it's
just really bugging the shit out of me. Especially on days when no one's really
paying attention to what's going on and a free person starts talking this chick
up like she's the best thing since sliced bread when in reality, she's been
sitting her ass on the furs doing nothing while I do all the offering.

And since when do slaves get "days off" because
their day was too hectic?

Yeah, yeah I hear ya. These girls need more cyber attention
than I do because they're only cyber slaves and I'm a real life slave and blah
blah blah fucking blah. And I get it. Really I do. But why let them get away
with everything under the sun? If they want to be cyber slaves, make them act
like cyber slaves and not little princesses who just can't handle the pressure.


Master says to ignore it. So here's my solemn vow that I
will try with desperate fervor to ignore it. Besides. I'm a real life slave. Or

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