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August 7th, 2006

This one finds herself getting frustrated with how lazy people have become. she shouldn't talk. she can be rather lazy herself (in fact, just last night she was called on it because when she was supposed to be kneeling, she was resting her head on her arms on the bed). But there are some levels she just doesn't sink to in most cases.

A girl wanted badly to mention them on the forum that finally made
her think of it but she couldn"t figure out how to do so respectfully.
she typed and retyped her response and every way she tried sounded
disdainful and rude. And so, she decided to rant to you, dear reader,
and attempt to sound less "know-it-allish" in her venting.

anyone research anything for themselves anymore? The irritation started
when rayne's upstairs neighbor signed into her im client, msged rayne,
and then made clear that her express purpose for doing so was to have
rayne look up how to convert liters to gallons. This woman doesn't know
that rayne is a slave, but even had she known, wouldn't it have been
easier and less time consuming in the long run to just look it up
herself? After the introductory "Hello" and "How are you?" it took
rayne two seconds to open another browser tab, a second to type in
"www.google.com", a
second for the browser to load, another two seconds for rayne to type
in "How do you convert liters to gallons?", and three seconds for the
search to load with a liters to gallons conversion website at the top
of the list. It would have taken the neighbor ten seconds total (less
time if she has a faster connection than rayne, which she probably does
if only because she only has one computer running on hers) to find it
herself, as opposed to the ten minutes it took to ask the actual

rayne used to be guilty of this practice. she
sometimes still is, asking Master to look things up for her that she
probably could look up herself. Usually, though, the things she asks
about are in relation to topics He knows more about and hence would be
able to point out a better point of reference than she would find in
searching on her own. Things like "How to build a website" and "How to
set up a linux server" and many other things regarding computers and
the internet are more up His alley than hers and she knows that she
might happen upon a tutorial that is rubbish and learn the absolute
wrong way to do something. Or even just learn a way He doesn't want her
to learn (i.e. a way that promotes laziness or doing things that aren't
standard practice). she tries, however, to look things up first and ask
if she can't find exactly what she's looking for. she's absolutely
terrible at search engines most times though and this doesn't always

With things as simple as metric conversions and sample slave contracts,
is it really so difficult to load google and type in what you're
looking for? Is it really worth an entire post on a forum or revving up
your im client and bothering your neighbor? Anyway…. /rant

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