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Great Sex and a Little History

July 31st, 2006

I woke up this morning with this incredible feeling of "God don't let him go." as if Master leaving for work this morning would be Master leaving forever. I've managed to calm myself a bit by reminding myself that He has to go today. Today's check day and tomorrow's rent day and both are sort of important. After He got in the shower, I rolled over and laid my head on His pillow and curled up next to the empty space that is His side of the bed and dreaded the day to come.

Then I remembered the coffee needed to be made and the fish needed
to be fed so I crawled out of bed, threw some clothes on, and wandered
aimlessly around the house getting my morning stuff done and thinking
about yesterday morning. Yesterday morning… now there's a story to

I woke up to Master wriggling closer to me and
asking "What're you doing?" I looked at Him through half closed eyes
for a moment and then replied "Sleeping." He smiled and said "Come give
me a kiss."

Never willing to give up an opportunity like
this one, my eyes flew open and I pushed myself onto my elbows, my face
hanging just over His, and I kissed Him. It wasn't long before the
kisses went from sweet to hungry and He was on His side facing me
pressing His hard cock against my leg. Our breathing became ragged as
He pushed my right leg up over His left hip and put the head of His
penis against my pussy lips.

I was regretting that I
hadn't had time to shave the day before, but He didn't seem to mind as
He slid His cock between my already drenched lips and rubbed it against
my clit, the head just barely dipping between my inner labia. And then
my hips began thrusting to meet His as I moaned and whimpered with a
need so fierce I almost cried.

His right hand fisted in
my hair and His left hand grabbed my ass as He forced my lips to His
and continued to kiss me hungrily. He pulled my ass toward Him pushing
my slick hole against the head of His cock and soon both of us were
roughly meeting the other's thrusts. I threw my head back and moaned
and He jerked my lips back to His, our tongues dancing together in
absentminded need.

Then He began kicking the sheet off
the bed and pulled me on top of Him never relinquishing His hold on my
hair. "Can baby make Daddy cum?" And I rode Him till His head lifted
off the pillow and His moans whispered in my ear and then I felt that
familiar pat on my thigh that says "Lay down beside me." I lifted off
of Him, curled up beside Him and licked and kissed at His throat and
chest. "Hurry up and cum little slut." And I flopped on my back and
finger fucked my pussy into a mind-blowing orgasm.

never had to do anything but lay there with my fuck buddies through
life. That's not to say that's all I ever did, though it was rare that
I actually attempted to do more than give them what they wanted. I
never wanted to. I was blessed with an extremely tight pussy (though
I'm sure at least part of that is due to my compulsive masturbation all
the way through my early adult years) and the guys I was with were
always just happy to have that tight little girl pussy wrapped around
their cocks. What I did beyond letting them attempt to pound my hole
into oblivion didn't matter.

And make no mistake, I have
a little girl cunny. My clit is small and difficult for men to make
contact with unless using their fingers or their mouth and my inner
labia are almost nonexistent. And even men who absolutely abhor
pedophilia enjoy fucking a little girl cunt once in a while, if only
because of how tightly it sucks at their dicks.

I might
have had a few more repeat customers if I'd tried a little harder to
please. I might have been a little happier in life if I'd spent a
little more time perfecting my bedroom technique. Or even if the guys I
was with attempted to make me cum once or twice. A few of them did but
a very few and they always walked away with their heads hanging and
their tails between their legs as if I'd just struck some terrible blow
to their manhood by not exploding in ecstasy all over them. But at that
time I was all about in and out… don't call, don't beg, don't even
act like you know me unless I say hi first. And guys learned that
quick. They'd see me again in a bar and practically hump my leg till
I'd fix them in my icy stare and ask "Do I know you?", grin as their
face shattered into a million pieces, and swim into the crowd like a
ravenous shark looking for her next prey.

When I met
Master, all that ended. It was weird hearing this voice that I just
couldn't refuse. Sitting on the phone and listening to Him talk to me
about anything and everything that came to our minds and suddenly
making peace with the fact that it's okay to love and be loved. It's
not the end of the world if someone gets close.

I still
get scared sometimes. Even after four years, it's difficult having
someone inside my head all the time. Going from being a sinking ship
whose crew has long since abandoned her to a cruise liner with one man
playing all the parts (captain, crew, guests, etc.) isn't easy. But
we're getting there. Now that I've recognized and acted on the fact
that a relationship takes work from all sides, I think things might get
a little easier. I just have to get past this laziness and it'll be
smooth sailing, I think.

We'll see I guess.

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