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I don't like writing in third person (Cue Master's voice: It doesn't matter what you like, slave.). It makes it difficult, sometimes, for me to convey my thoughts… to articulate the things I want to. I've never really thought in third person on a regular basis – even when I was writing and speaking in third person, both in real life and on the net, full time. It's never been even an unspoken rule that I write in third person here, I just started doing it. I probably won't make it a practice, this writing in first person thing, unless there's a larger response to the slave speaking in first person or I'm given permission. Today is just an "I need to babble about anything and everything that comes to mind and doing it in first person will make it easier on me." type of thing. And as I say that, I'm constantly having to go back and correct my third person mistakes so it doesn"t get confusing.

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