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Getting there?

July 21st, 2006

rayne"s finally started to remember the things she"s supposed to be doing. Admittedly, part of it is the many times her ass was beaten for forgettinig. The rest is because of the notes she posted in key areas to remind her. Hopefully soon she"ll be able to remember without punishment or notes.

her mouth hasn"t gotten away with her yet in days. her thinking
hasn"t changed, not completely. But she"s watching what she says and is
careful of her attitude. Occasionally the grumps get away with her, but
as soon as Master mentions it, she adjusts her mood. This new training
thing is turning out to be a good thing.

It"s rough. No
one ever claimed slave training was easy, but she thought that perhaps
since she was so naturally submissive in a lot of ways it would come to
her without much effort. Gods was she wrong. she still finds herself
thinking things such as "That"s not fair." and "You can"t do that." and
then she remembers she did this willingly. Slavery isn"t fair. And He
can do whatever He wants.

But she"s extremely happy.
she"s loving being trained and slowly becoming what He wants. she
wishes only that she could speed it up a bit. After three years of not
always making Him happy, she wishes she could snap her fingers and
everything would be perfect. An advice column she read (yes, the giver
of advice does read other advice columns) said if you enter a
relationship, sexual or otherwise, thinking that there will be no work
involved, you"re setting the relationship up for failure. she set us up
for failure from the beginning. And now she"s hoping to set us up for
success. Here"s hoping…

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