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Training your wife

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I’ve had an opportunity, recently, to talk to a couple that is now married and is trying out the Master/slave lifestyle. The slave is involved with The Submissive Wife.

At first, my gut instinct told me that this really can’t be a good idea. What I’ve heard (specifically about the Master or Dominant not being allowed involvement) made me immediately cringe and label this group as “bad”.

However, it’s always ignorant to judge something without researching it, and that’s what I’ve begun to do.

Let me say this, first… For those of you that are married and just starting to explore being Master and slave, the worst possible thing you can do is allow someone else (individual or group) to train your wife, especially if your involvement is prohibited. I don’t care about their alleged posts from slaves that state that the instruction through the site saved their marriages, and am willing to bet there’s more to that story than what’s posted there.

Let’s face facts… for a married couple to enter into this type of arrangement, it is ultimately to make them both happy. It is the Masters (and husbands) wishes that need to be attended to. Any training that *excludes* the Master (and husband) *cannot* ultimately train the slave to be what her owner desires, at least in the beginning of the relationship. There’s some argument for sending a slave, eventually, to another who is more experienced for refinement, but the initial training should always be by the owner of the slave, no exception. (This does not have any bearing, of course, on training the slave received before being with her current owner). Read more…

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