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A Master?

July 17th, 2006

On occasion rayne runs into some things that make her really sit back and just say, "What… the fuck?" In these instances, she"s almost always already written her blog entry for the day and she knows that if she doesn"t write about it right this minute she"ll forget what it was. Today is one of those instances. Of course, she probably should either ask Master to look into revamping the blogs (again) so that they do running entries for days like today, or figure out how to do it herself (though she"s not really that far in her foray into learning about web-building and design – perhaps she should get a move on, eh?).

This one knows she underlines the definition of the word "slave" a
lot in her entries and she usually tries really hard to be careful how
she words things, even going so far as to not pointing out that there
really <i>is no other definition</i>. Not anymore. she
won"t apologize if it offends someone. she won"t belittle her attempts
to point people in the right direction. And she absolutely refuses to
pretend that the English language hasn"t explicitly defined this word.
Unfortunately, even her regular readers, few though they may be, use
this as more of a "guideline" than an absolute definition.

she"s decided to do something different. Today, she"s going to stop
letting the guys off the hook. Today, she"s going to also define what a
master is. But because, being a slave, she would never presume to be in
the position to tell a master what he should or shouldn"t be, should or
shouldn"t do, etc., she will insert a disclaimer here:

this entry will be rayne"s opinion of what a master is to her. Most of
this is based on the experience of having a master for almost four
years and watching Him change and grow over the years as He learns
about Himself, His slave, and our relationship. This is not to say this
is the "one true way" for a master to define himself, his slave, or
their relationship. Every man must decide that for himself. This is
only to say that were rayne to be looking, now, for someone to own her
(and she is not – if she were ever to be owned by someone else, it
would be someone Master Melen found, unless, gods forbid, something
were to happen to Him), these are the traits she would be looking

Let"s start with a slave. There are those
of you who say things like, "The word slave means so many different
things to so many different people." That one sentence makes rayne want
to have a nervous breakdown. Just go flitting off into the night
tearing her hair out by the roots and screaming maniacally until
someone shoots her up with thorazine and reminds her that the world is
still real. Maybe it"s how important words and their meanings are to
her. Maybe it"s just that she"s already insane. Who knows? The fact of
the matter is this: There <i>is</i> an explicit definition
for the word "slave". In that definition, there is no room for it to
mean "so many different things". A slave is someone bound to the will
of another. Someone who, though they may have a will of their own,
submits completely to someone who owns them. Whether that ownership is
freely given or taken against their will, the fact remains that the
slave is completely bound in servitude to their owner.

does this mean? This means no telling your master who he can be friends
with. This means no dictating where he can go or what he can read or
who he can talk to. Master wants a second slave? Great! It"ll make him
happy, there will be someone extra in the house to please him and spend
time with, and… you guessed it!! less housework for you! Master"s
talking to another slave? Another woman? A million other women? And
you"re curious what the conversations are about?
<i>None</i> of your business.

And after
rayne goes on these tirades, she gets "But he promised not to." or "He
said he"d tell me." or "I don"t like the person he"s talking to." We"ll
talk about the promises masters make when this one gets to defining
masters. The only thing she"ll cover regarding a master"s promises in
this section is this: As a slave, you have absolutely no right to ask
him to promise you anything, especially once you"re collared. Doing so
is called "topping from the bottom" and it"s unfair to him, to you, and
to any other slave the two of you might come into contact with. If he
said he"d tell you and he did, stop bitching. And if you don"t like the
person he"s talking to… If you feel you must let him know that you
don"t care for them, do so in a respectful manner and then
<i>back off</i>. It"s none of your business and entirely up
to him. You"re a slave. You have no say in the matter.

really, that"s what slavery boils down to. A slave has no say in
anything. What happens to her or around her, what her master does or
doesn"t do, where they go, who and what"s involved… all of the
decisions regarding these and other things rest solely on the master.
The slave only has a say if the master allows her to. Want to have a
say in what goes on in your life and/or relationship? Want to have some
control in things? That"s fine, but you"re a submissive, not a slave.
That doesn"t make you any better or worse than a slave… just

Which brings us to a master. A master is a
guide, a teacher, and a disciplinarian. He is judge, jury, and
executioner. He conquers a slave"s will and takes from her whatever he
wishes. He strips a slave of her pride and ego, until she stands before
him defenseless begging for the things she craves without hesitation. A
slave has no business being prideful. An egotistical slave is
unattractive. And a good master recognizes that the slave knows,
whether she initially chooses to acknowledge it or not, that she has no
use for these things.

A master doesn"t settle. It"s his
way or no way. He doesn"t back down and he doesn"t give in. If a slave
tries to manipulate his will, he puts her in her place however he feels
necessary. When a slave breaks a rule, he punishes her. If she breaks
it again, he ups the severity of the punishment. He can continue to do
this or release her if he loses interest in the game, but a master
never uses release as punishment (e.g. releasing her temporarily to
punish her and then recollaring her when he thinks she"s learned her
lesson). Once released, she"s gone and the master finds a slave more
suited to his needs.

A master doesn"t change the rules
to suit his slave"s desires unless those desires coincide with his
needs. There is no compromise and he doesn"t view his slave as an equal
party in their relationship, regardless of marriage, children,
religion, or any other factor that might enter into the relationship.
He knows and understands that a slave wants, craves, needs to serve and
be pleasing. And he makes her do so, regardless of her inhibitions or

A master isn"t always kind. He isn"t always loving.
Sometimes he doesn"t love his slave at all. He is there when his slave
needs him, but he also knows when she really needs him and when it"s
okay to leave her to her emotions. He learns over a period of time to
read his slave like a book and knows how to dance her through the
throes of being what he wants her to be: passionate, devoted, loyal,
submissive, horny.

Above all, a master is not afraid to
take a firm hand with his slave. He is not afraid to force her to
submit to his will. And if she walks away because he forces her to be
what she is, then he understands that she was never what she claimed to
begin with and he lets her go. There may be some emotional pain
involved, but in the long run it"s better for him to find a girl that
fits him.

In rayne"s opinion, a master shouldn"t make
promises like "I"ll never want anyone else." or "I"ll never talk to
other women." or "I"ll never fuck anyone else." But if they"re okay
with monogamy and feel they can keep the promise, then by all means
make it. Many end up realizing they have no interest in being
monogamous and are stuck standing by a promise they wouldn"t have made
had they been farther along in their growth as a master.

24/7 Master/slave relationship cannot survive without the parties
involved remaining in their roles as they should. A master must be a
master and a slave must be a slave and the lines cannot be blurred. A
master backing down sends the message to a slave that she is correct in
her way of thinking or behaving and the master is wrong. A slave trying
to take the reins sends the message that she isn"t a slave at all. Take
a firm hand or submit fully to his will whichever your new role in life
calls for. It"s the only way to acheive your desired goals.

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