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July 16th, 2006

This one"s beginning to wonder how it is people think that being a slave can be easy. Master revamped her training recently and things are rough. Forgetting to do things is no longer an option and is a punishable offense.

For example, Friday rayne is supposed to put her paper journal on ID
first thing in the morning. This Friday, rayne forgot. There"s
something that she brings out every morning and puts in her journal
every night before bed, a reminder of who and what she is, and Friday
night Master had to remind her to put it away. Saturday morning she
forgot to bring it out. For these offenses, she was caned.

told her He"d like to see her be good the next couple of days. Already
she"s in trouble. she intended to do laundry last night but she forgot.
she just had to handwash something for Master to wear and throw it in
the dryer with hopes that it would dry quickly. she"s expecting to be
punished. Master isn"t happy. He said it better not happen again.

running the washer while the dryer runs and as she"s thinking about
it,she realizes that she forgot to put his work pants in the washer.
But when we return home, she has to wash the clothes we wear out today
so she"ll wash them all together, she supposes.

not entirely sure where her head is. A lot to remember that she"s never
actually been held responsible for before. But she is sublimely happy.
she is enjoying her new training and the tight grip Master has on her.
And she"s going to put more effort into watching what she"s doing and
keeping up with the things that need to be done. Who knows? Maybe
she"ll find herself closer to the slave Master deserves sooner than she

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