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Discussion and a New Beginning

July 13th, 2006

rayne"s not really sure how to describe what took place yesterday. The discussion seemed long because it took place over a period of about four hours, but part of that was because Master was at work when we had it. We talked about her mind being in the wrong place and the things we both want. she asked Him to be brutally honest with her and not protect her feelings.

He told her that there"s been regular occurences of her not taking
care of Him sexually like she should… seeming uninterested when He
tells her to do things. We talked about the fact that her attitude has
been wholly different and just disappointing all around.

end result is that we both want the things we talked about to change.
We both want rayne to be the slave that Master deserves, regardless of
what that might entail. And the process began last night.

million times she"s said she"d change. she"d be good. she"d do right by
Master. And a million times things happen and for whatever reason she
gives up. Here"s hoping this time she actually sticks with her attempt
to rectify her behavior.

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