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Slave Love?

July 6th, 2006

Something that people seem to forget is slaves don"t look to be owned for love or out of love or for a loving relationship. If they say they do or are, they don"t truly know themselves or they are ignoring the obvious. Slaves look to be owned to answer something much deeper within themselves than just love alone. They look to be owned out of the need to be owned. Even those who are in it only for the sexual aspects of the relationship fall under this category to some extent. They look to be owned sexually out of the need to submit sexually. Neither of these have anything to do with love.

John Norman called it "slave fire" and while the books are fiction
this description comes very close to what this slave feels. A deep,
passionate burning to serve, to be found pleasing and to be owned
fully. While owned by a man that she has been hopelessly in love with
and wanted to be owned by since the day she met him, if she were placed
in the care of another that yearning wouldn"t go away. It wouldn"t
cease to exist. Even if Master Melen gave or sold her to another man,
while she would be devastated, she would still have the undeniable
desire to serve and be mastered. And it has nothing to do with love.

you love your slave? Most definitely. Does it have to be the vanilla
definition of the all encompassing, unconditional love that joins a man
and wife? No, not at all. Is it possible for a Master to love his slave
that way? Yes, absolutely. And it doesn"t take away from the
Master/slave relationship so long as the man is strong enough to make
very clear where the lines are drawn and refuse to allow the slave to
cross on the wrong side. And so long as the slave doesn"t try to
wheedle her way out of being under discipline with professions of love.

also said the "love master", upon finding his true "love slave" must be
the strongest master of all. For he must be hardest on her. And he must
be strong enough to treat her as what she is, refusing to allow their
love for each other to come into play when she oversteps her bounds. He
said this is the strongest relationship of any, because the man truly
owns the very thing that he loves and craves and the woman truly
belongs to her man in every way that she can. It"s a delicate situation
but it can be done. It takes a strong master and a docile slave, but it
can be done.

Some believe that a slave will love anyone
who owns her. All they need do is take control and the slave is
helplessly theirs, a writhing love slave. This one doesn"t think that"s
true. While it"s an interesting concept, there is a vast difference
between being mastered and being in love. The two can exist in parallel
but one does not necessarily constitute the other. And a slave can, and
will, serve a man she doesn"t love, if only because she is slave and it
is in her to do so. rayne"s sometimes seen deeper devotion in
relationships such as these than in many Master/slave relationships she
has encountered.

Everything depends on you and your
slave and how you choose to live your life. If you"d prefer to own a
slave or submit to a man you do not love, do so. If you prefer to own a
slave or submit to a man you love completely, do so. The only one who
needs dictate your life is you. And doing so doesn"t mean you"re "weak"
or not a "true" Master/slave or an "amateur". Doing so means you know
yourself. And that takes a very strong, intelligent person indeed.

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