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Different Strokes

July 2nd, 2006

For some reason, rayne always thinks she"s done it all until Master grabs her by the hair and takes her in some new way. While she realizes that there"s hundreds of interesting and different ways to take or torture a slave, she always thinks <i>Okay, this is it. He can"t possibly find something new to do.</i> she is always wrong.

The most recent "new way" was during an interesting day indeed.
Master and rayne walked down to the river to check out the flood site
(a local burger joint/historical monument was flooded) and took a few
photographs, spending a really nice day together, and then made our way
back home. It was hot and we were sweaty so rayne got us both drinks,
gathered the fans, turned on the air conditioning and stripped.

we had cooled off some, Master and rayne began moving around the house,
mostly watching the newest storm out the window. And Master ordered her
to her knees.

"On the floor and lick me, slut."

"Yes, Master."

rayne began to dance her skilled tongue over His salty flesh, suddenly
remembering just how hot it had been outside and no longer was. And
then she heard it. Clicks and pings that suggested it was no longer
liquid water falling from the sky.

"Oh my god. It"s fucking hailing."

straightened and peeked out the window. We watched the raging storm for
a short while, and then rayne asked, "Master, should we get dressed in
case we have to get in the basement?"

And we both ran to
get dressed. However, instead of heading to the basement, Master ran
for His camera and walked out onto the front steps and began taking
pictures. Hail kept bouncing inside the house and rayne would pick it
up and toss it outside. The neighbor came out when it stopped and
Master and he exchanged comments and expletives about our crazy
weather. There was a double rainbow over the mechanic"s shop across the
street and Master captured that as well. When Master was finished
picture taking, we walked back inside.

"Back on the floor, slut."

slave stripped her clothes from her body and fell to her knees beside
her Master. she licked and kissed at His legs, starting at the tops of
the backs of His thighs and slowly working her way down to His feet.
she licked and kissed at the tops of His feet, her hungry little mouth
working over them with adoration, and then slowly made her way back to
the tops of His thighs, this time in front. she completed the circuit a
few more times, feeling the lips between her hips growing warm and
moist, and then Master"s hand pushed her head to His balls. (rayne
keeps having to stop telling her story to calm herself down a bit…
just remembering gets her utterly turned on)

A girl licked
and sucked on Master"s balls carefully and lovingly until He said "On
the bed on your hands and knees, slut. But don"t get comfortable.
You"ll be back on the floor so you can make me cum on your face."

climbed on the bed and situated herself to give Him the easiest access
to her pussy (knees spread wide, feet apart, resting on elbows with
back arched and ass in the air) and waited for Him to press His cock
into her hole. she whimpered and writhed, slamming back against Him
with every thrust. His balls slapped her clit and sent her racing
toward ecstasy. And then, He ripped out of her and got off the bed. "On
the floor, cunt. Use your hand and your tongue to get me off."

crawled to Him, eyeing His cock appreciatively as it bounced before
Him, and wrapped her already wet lips around His head. The girl impaled
herself on His rod and sucked her juices from Him. Then she gripped His
cock just tight enough to feel nice, put out her tongue, and began to
massage Him to orgasm. she worked it slowly, licking and sucking as she
went, every once in a while plunging His entire rod down her throat. No
gagging here (rayne has virtually no gag reflex).

felt His balls tighten and His leg muscles flex. His breathing became
ragged and He let out a soft grunt. And she pulled her mouth away and
aimed the head of His penis so His cum would drench her face. As He
came, she changed her aim ever so slightly so each spray would hit a
different part of her face. When cum was no longer shooting out the
tip, she slipped His cock into her mouth and sucked Him through the
rest of His pleasure until He pushed her head back, indicating that He
was finished (it"s difficult to tell with Him because He rarely ever
goes soft until well after He"s had enough and she"s sucked Him through
at least nine consecutive orgasms before).

And there she
sat. Holding her eyes open enough to see but not have cum drip in them
and smiling up at this amazing man who masters her.

"Spread your legs and cum, bitch."

slipped her legs from beneath her and scooted back a bit so He could
see from where He was standing. Opening her legs and leaning back on
one arm, she slid her fingers into her pussy and masturbated herself to
a trembling, moaning, grunting orgasm she thought would never stop. He
ordered her to go get cleaned up well before she was ready for the
ecstasy to to be over, but she pulled her fingers from her throbbing
clit and pushed herself to standing and ran to the bathroom to do as
she was told.

Cumming with your Master"s cum dripping off your chin is incredible.

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