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Out of Line and Rude

July 1st, 2006

Why is it whenever someone poses a question to BDSM forums there are always as many or more "opinions" posted as actual answers to the question?

This slave often finds some of the replies people get leave a
seriously bitter taste in her mouth. rayne ends up feeling sorry for
the unsuspecting people who posted wanting to know what a specific act
of torture entails only to get outraged responses about how "wrong"
what they"re being made to do is, or how "dangerous" it could be. They
didn"t ask for your opinion. They weren"t looking for a moral debate.
They wanted to know what it is and what to expect during the act. It"s
that simple.

In most cases, rayne has yet to find a
complete moron on these boards. People who are more into fantasy than
reality? Yes. People who lack common sense? Occasionally. People who
are just ignorant of the reality of a) owning a slave or b) being an
owned slave? Definitely. But never anyone who is just out and out
stupid. So why do we feel the need to "tell someone what they"re
getting themselves into"?

While safety is definitely an
issue in this lifestyle, so, too, is it in any walk of life. So why do
people go on a tangent about how the house could accidentally catch
fire while someone"s slave is locked to the bed at night? The house
could catch fire whether they"re locked to the bed or sleeping free of
bonds and regardless there"s no guarantee either of you would wake up
before dying of smoke inhalation in either case.

And the
biggest issue rayne sees in all this is that these people who feel the
need to share their opinion <i>tell slaves to go against their
owner"s orders/wishes/rules</i>. What… the fuck? Okay, suggest
they talk to him/her. Suggest they ask permission to not do whatever it
is they"re being ordered to do. Do anything else you want but
<i>do not tell a slave you do not own to be
disobedient</i>. It"s out of line and it"s rude. And every single
one of you that do it would lose your shit if someone told your slave
or kid or whatever to disobey you. So why do it to them?

other slaves who do this? Does rayne even have to touch on this? Or is
it pretty clear how incredibly unslavelike… wrong… out of line…
whatever you want to call it… this is. If rayne were a domme and she
caught her slave telling another sub/slave to disobey their owner….
Well, it would just be a bad situation all around.

How do others feel about the things she"s mentioned?

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