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Fantasy Fulfilled

June 27th, 2006

rayne"s had this really strange fantasy for… well, as long as she"s known Master had a webcam. she"s never really vocalized it because she thinks it"s so incredibly weird. Now… our readers might not find it strange at all. rayne only thinks it"s odd because she lives with her Master in real life.

So here"s the fantasy:

rayne"s been an exhibitionist
for as long as she can remember. When she was young enough to pretend
she didn"t know better but old enough to have a chest (rayne was
wearing a C cup by third grade), she would dress in front of open
windows, make her chest fall out of her bathing suit at the beach,
anything she could think of that might get her some sexual attention.

girl wishes she could say she is that way because a ninth grader tried
to bully her into taking her shirt off when she was in kindergarten and
then spent a day touching her everywhere he could get his hands. But
that wouldn"t be the truth. she refused to show him her chest that day,
but it was only because she was embarrassed that she didn"t have one,
not because she didn"t want to.

Soooo since she learned
that Master had a webcam, she"s had this fantasy. she spent hours
daydreaming about Master going to work with the webcam on in the house.
Then He would make rayne strip in front of the cam and make her do all
sorts of dirty things to herself.

Today, that fantasy
was fulfilled. Master made her plug the webcam into the computer in His
living room. Then He told her to sit on the couch and show Him her
tits. she took her shirt and bra off and He told her to play with her
nipples till they got hard. He made her slide her fingers into her wet
pussy and pull them out and lick them clean. And then He made her go
get her plug, bend over in front of the cam, ram it into her pussy, and
then plug her ass. Finally He told her to get her vibrator and fuck
herself till she came. While He watched. It was incredible.

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