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Begging For Use

June 21st, 2006

Master made me beg last night.  Sometimes I wonder if there can be anything more erotic than kissing and licking a man while begging him to use you.  But I usually answer my own question because there is so much eroticism in being a slave.  So much that turns me on and drives me wild.

I’ve been on the other end before.  I had a boyfriend for a few years who would crawl all over me and beg me, tears in his eyes and his cock rock solid, to let him fuck me.  Promising that he would be quick (understatement of the year). Swearing he wouldn’t cum in me.  It’s one of the ways I realized I am not a Mistress.  He disgusted me.  While it was flattering that someone could want me that badly (later I realized that it was just sex he wanted that badly, it didn’t really matter with who), that a man could be that weak made me nauseous.

I understand that there are female dominants, male submissives and male slaves.  And there are probably some who read my site.  I won’t apologize for my opinion.  From where I stand, the female is the weaker sex.  It’s this way with nearly every other species of animal.  So why are we, animals when forced to live in our most primal state, so adamant about making women into men.  Making men submit and deny the dominance that is put upon them by nature.

“Well that’s just the Gorean in you talking, rayne.”  I would totally agree, except I’ve always felt this way.  For a little while, I tested the waters on the feminist side.  Women can do anything men can do. and Women deserve a fair shake. and Women should be treated equally. And all that’s true.  But the fact of the matter is men were built stronger.  They were built more rugged.  And they were just made to be the head of the pack.

And there I went on one of my tangents.  Back to the point.  So… Master made me beg last night.  I crawled into bed with Him once I was given permission and we kissed for a while and He teased me a lot.  And then He wouldn”t fuck me.  So I begged.  For a while.  Till finally He said “Sit on my cock, slut.”  And then I fucked.  God, did I fuck.  I’m still bow legged.

After we got cleaned up and I finally drifted off to sleep, Master pulled my legs apart with His own, pressed His fingers against my pussy lips and said “Kiss me, cunt.”  I lifted my lips to His and after a minute or two, He leaned His head back.

“Do you want it?”

“Yes, Master.”


And I did.

“Beg, slut.  Beg me to put my lips on yours.”

And I begged for another kiss.  Perhaps I’m not so proud after all.

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