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Property Is Pussy

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To say I irritated Master Melen yesterday might be putting it lightly. The progression of the way He refers to me when trying to get my attention usually goes from an over-exaggerated “slave”, to remind me quickly where I stand, to an angry “bitch” and even angrier “cunt”. Last night we skipped slave all together.

I’m not sure what happened exactly. I know how I pissed Him off. He would ask me questions and I’d pop off at the mouth. Sometimes just being whiney, but others being outright sarcastic. He tried to laugh it off at first, calling me a grouch, but I wouldn’t stop. And I’m not sure why I was being that way. The only thing I can think of is I was tired. But I know that’s no excuse.

By the time Master was able to go to bed, His job and His slave had Him so infuriated I’m surprised His look alone didn’t shear my head from my shoulders. I knelt no longer than two seconds before He growled “Turn off the lights and get on the bed. And I want to feel your lips.”

I climbed into bed beside Him and laid on my side. I slithered close to Him and began to lick and kiss and suckle His back and legs.

When He grew tired of it, He growled “Are you fuckable, cunt?” Read more…

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