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Lack of Exercise = Lack of Sleep

June 8th, 2006

rayne"s not really been sleeping well and the only real reason she can think of for that is that she hasn"t really been able to do much by way of exercise. It"s been raining for almost a month straight here with only a few intermittent rain free days. No sleep means an exhausted rayne and she"s been having trouble keeping her eyes open. Which makes it damn near impossible to think when it comes to blog subjects.

she thinks this may call for at least thirty minute sof exercise
while Master"s in the shower in the morning. she"ll probably talk to
Him about it today when He gets home from work depending on His mood.
He"ll probably be for it as He never really gave her permission to stop
the exercising she was doing to begin with. she"d really like to get
some small dumb bells and a cardio workout dvd though. We"ll see she

Is it nap time yet?

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