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Past to Present

June 6th, 2006

This one was going through her blogs (mostly to reformat the ones she hadn"t yet, but reading them here and there) and she realized that a lot has changed about her in the past two years. she"s admitted things to herself and to Master and to you, dear reader, that she never thought she"d ever tell anyone. she"s learned things that she never thought possible. And she"s overcome obstacles that she wasn"t sure she"d ever get passed.

There"s still learning to do (does a slave ever really stop
learning?), and obstacles to overcome. But she thinks that she"s come
far from the over-bearing, opinonated bitch who started this blog.
she"s still sometimes bitchy. And she still tries to manipulate and
control how things will turn out. But she"s working on that.

planning on having rayna come out and visit us soon. slave can"t wait
to finally meet the girl behind the nick. Not sure when or how she"s
geting here (by that rayne means we haven"t decided what mode of
transportation she"d be taking) but we"re both working on researching
it. We also haven"t decided how long she"d be staying. It should be fun
and interesting. rayne"s already trying to think of things to do when
she"s here (places to go, things to see). There"s not a whole lot of
fun stuff around here that doesn"t cost an arm and a leg, but we"ll
work it out.

rayne"s not going to go to far into detail. Doesn"t want to jinx anything. But you"ll all know as soon as she does.

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