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Peeping Tina

June 3rd, 2006

bondageI admit it. I snooped.

Jeff was at work, the boys were in school and the baby was spending the day with Jeff’s mother. She was picking the boys up and keeping them till Jeff got home so I could have the day to myself. Naturally, this meant running errands, but I had cleaned the house the day before so I could spend the afternoon relaxing alone.

I grabbed the last couple of grocery bags from the trunk and carried them to the back door. As I walked the length of the house, I noticed the neighbors’ blinds were open. That wasn’t like them. They both worked nights and usually kept their home dark so they could sleep. So I glanced inside to see what they were up to. My intent was innocent. I figured if Aaminah wasn’t too busy, I’d pop over for a visit once I got the groceries put away. What I saw froze me in my tracks. I almost dropped the groceries. But I couldn’t avert my eyes.

They were in the living room. Martin was sitting on the couch, staring at his PDA, and Minny was on the floor. He was wearing shorts and a shirt, but Minny was completely naked. And she was kneeling, her thighs spread wide and the backs of her hands resting just above her knees. I had read of this position somewhere once before, but damn if I could remember where.

Martin mumbled something inaudible, but the happy sigh of pleasure coming from Aaminah’s lips was unmistakable. She leaned forward and began to lick and kiss at his left thigh. As I watched, her hands slid down his calf and then she placed her palms on the floor to brace herself. She slid her legs open a bit further and then licked and kissed down the length of his calf. Her heavy breasts swung beneath her before pressing into the carpet. Her ass and pussy were in the air, wide open to anyone’s view, and I watched as her mouth met the top of his foot.

I couldn’t help but stare at her puffy lips. They were glistening and she began to drip. I began to wonder what it would be like to have her mouth on me the way it was on Marty. And then I wondered how her pussy would taste. And suddenly, I was wetter than I had been during my ten years of marriage.

I continued to look on as Aaminah licked and suckled at His foot and then shifted position so that she could lick the other foot. Instantly I realized what the odd silver band I had noticed around her neck symbolized. Minny was a sex slave. A sex slave! I had heard of these things. Who hasn’t? But I didn’t believe any woman would actually enjoy degrading herself in this way. The slick wetness, which, I realized, I could smell through the screen, suggested that Aaminah did, in fact, enjoy being Marty’s sex slave.

Completely entranced, I watched as Marty roughly shoved his fingers in that slick, wanton hole. He thrust them in and out forcefully and Minny began to moan uncontrollably, her pleasure becoming more and more obvious. His fingers slid from her cunt and he held them before her mouth. Hungrily, she licked and sucked his fingers clean, incontrovertibly delighting in the flavor of her own juices. His hand slid over her back, down the crack of her ass, and found its way back to her moist pussy, this time playing with the hardened bud just above her hole.

And then I felt someone watching me. I lifted my eyes to Marty’s and we locked glances. My face reddened, but still I did not move. He smiled as he fisted his large hand in Aaminah’s hair and jerked her to an upright position. Keeping his eyes on mine, he pushed aside his shorts and I gasped as his large cock sprung from its cage. From where I stood, I could see the length and bulge well, as well as the weight of his balls. He lowered Minny’s face to his crotch. Her mouth was open and her tongue out before it even got there. She began licking his balls as if it was the best treat she’d had in a week.

After a few moments of watching my reaction, Martin laid his head back on the couch and closed his eyes. Soft, deep moans began to emanate from his throat as her obviously skilled tongue worked lustily over his sac. As she sucked and licked and kissed at his large nuts, her hand flew to his stiff rod, her firm grip massaging and forcing louder moans from her master. Marty pulled her head up and impaled her throat. I was amazed to see her take the entire shaft to the hilt without even the tiniest gag. And I could smell her heat even thicker in the air than before. God was it enticing. I could smell my sex as well and the fragrances were much different. While mine was earthy and musky, hers was pure sex.

His free hand wandered to her left breast and began to pinch and flick her nipple. He kneaded her large tit, his knuckles turning white with the effort. I expected a cry of pain. What I heard was a throaty moan of pure sexual pleasure.

After at least thirty minutes of the girl sucking hungrily at his cock, and me standing there watching in lust-filled awe, Martin lifted his head, locked his deep brown eyes onto my hazel ones, and whispered, “Make Daddy cum, Bitch.”

The girl began to suck fervently, her mouth making its way up and down the entire length of his shaft. By the way the muscles in her jaws and throat were working, it was obvious her tongue was as well. His whole body tensed. I watched as his muscles rippled to attention and his hands gripped her hair and tit tighter. Their moans meshed as he came forming an odd cacophony of unmistakable pleasure and I slipped away to go masturbate in the privacy of my home.

As I sit here with my fingers on my clit and a dildo slamming home in my dripping sex I realize I will definitely be visiting this afternoon as planned, if only to ask Marty about what I saw.

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