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Schedule Change and Other Things

June 2nd, 2006

We"re day people again! Woohoo! This means rayne will be on IRC much of the day (so long as she has her house chores finished) and that she can return to her daily schedule. Perhaps she will throw working out every morning back into the mix, Master permitting.

This week, Master has been on vacation. He goes back to work on
Monday. rayne"s really bummed that He has to go back and even though
she"s glad to be living during daylight again, she"s sort of sad that
she won"t be able to spend every waking moment with Master. However, we
still live close enough for Him to come home for lunch every day
(except for Mondays which He has to spend at the data center) should
the mood suit Him and that helps a little.

always a down to every up, and this schedule change is no different.
Master and rayne met a slave named lina (who rayne has mentioned
before). rayne has grown rather fond of lina and she thinks Master has
as well. Unfortunately, lina lives on a different schedule than we will
now be living on. However, Master plans to be up early enough for us to
spend some time with lina before He goes to work. This slave likes this
plan for she would truly miss her new friend.

And now it"s time for this little girl to go get ready for an outing to the store! she hopes everyone has a splenderifous day!

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