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Recent Humility

May 26th, 2006

Master and rayne have been rather busy of late. Aside from that, she hasn"t really had that much to talk about. It"s not so much that she"s run out of things to say. Just that she isn"t sure what might be found interesting.

The biggest issue with M/s related blogs is people go to them hoping
for some nasty scene description. Perhaps one of these days rayne will
put one up. These days, though, her thoughts aren"t on pornographic
entries so much as the dynamics of being a slave. And to be honest, her
thoughts haven"t really been there either (which is why she"s been in
so much trouble).

This one had another lesson in humility
recently. We were playing an online game in which rayne could set her
character up to follow someone else"s and Master had her follow Him.
Between having to reset her follow command, He made her lick and kiss
His feet. Kissing someone"s feet, if you"re not a foot fettishist
(which rayne is not), can be rather humbling. It was the first part of
her lesson.

Master told her that her mouth is best used
for licking and kissing His body, licking His balls, and sucking His
cock. He said her mouth is not for being a bitch to Him. This was the
second part of her lesson.

The third part was something
she has always taken great pleasure in. Master made her sit in front of
His home office chair and lick His balls and suck His cock and when He
was ready, He had her make Him cum all over her face. He cums so much
this usually ends with her being completely drenched head to toe in his

The final part – she sat in Master"s cum for the
remainder of the day. He"s never done that before. she"s never felt so
much like a whore.

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