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Pain Sluts Inflicting Their Own Pain?

May 17th, 2006

So once or twice in her lengthy stay on the interweb, rayne has run into these submissive pain sluts who are just bursting at the seams to be hurt. Like, they want it so badly they cut themselves when their owners don"t provide it. This one just… doesn"t… get it.

And not exactly the aspect of craving pain… but why the masters
allow it. A person could seriously hurt themselves that way, not to
mention scar what isn"t theres (a slave doesn"t own her body, her
Master does), and the masters just… look the other way? If rayne were
an owner, there would be serious reprocussions. And if punishment
didn"t put an end to it, this one would put an end to the relationship.

<i>But they have issues. It"s like an addiction.</i> blah… blah… blah…

like any addiction it can be stopped. And just like any other thing, if
a slave"s owner wants her to stop, she should adhere to his will as if
her life depended on it. Once upon a time, it did (of course, rayne is
speaking of non-consensual slavery, here).

In any case – just one of the many things "slaves" do that rayne just doesn"t get.

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