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Crazy Days

May 5th, 2006

The past couple of days have been insane. Master"s job is out of control because there"s a major company deadline coming up so He worked almost 24 hours straight.

So rayne"s been talking to the slaves she"s helping to teach and
mudding (an online text-based rpg) and being a wall for Him to bounce
His venting off of. her next step is going to have to be to teach lina
the ins and outs of a Gorean kitchen so that she can start working on
teaching her how to serve. she"s hoping that one of these days lina and
rayna will be on at the same time so we can have a mass lesson. Much
easier to teach two people at the same time then to go back and forth
with them. But they"re on different time zones, so it"s doubtful this
will happen any time soon.

she"s been dealing with a lot
of internal issues as late. A lot of growing needs to be done and she"s
slowly coming to realize what areas she needs to work on and the things
she"d like to learn. And she"s having trouble vocalizing her thoughts
and feelings because she"s been so introverted lately. All things in
time, she supposes.

So here"s to things finding a semblance of normalcy in the very near future.

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