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slaves vs Free Women

May 1st, 2006

I really must find time to write in here more. Every few months just doesn’t cut it.

Today I’m going to talk about an issue that rather irritates me, and I’m sure irritates many “real” Masters and Doms. That is the sub/slave that flip-flops between being a sub/slave and being a Dommes/Free Woman.

When I actually have time to pay attention to IRC, it happens almost weekly. Some slave I knew will come into our channel with a capped nick acting haughty and full of themselves. It’s usually the same old story behind the switch: some Master who wouldn’t give in to the slaves wishes and go out of his way to make her happy. So, to feel “in control” (which, in reality, is what they were doing the entire time by topping from the bottom), they switch up to Domme or Free Woman. Unfortunately, the entire thing comes across as fake, and to be honest it’s an irritation to anyone that lives this life seriously.

A couple things here… I know some people are switches. This really isn’t an issue for me, as most switches are pretty upfront about the fact. Real switches do not claim to be a 100% slave, only to spring on you (when you least expect it) that they want control, “but only sometimes”. When someone presents themselves as they actually are, who am I (or anyone) to judge?

I also realize that some people new to this lifestyle will go through a phase where they don’t necessarily know where they fit. Sometimes this means that they start out at one end of the spectrum (be it sub/slave or Domme/FW) and finish their journey at the other end. We all have gone through periods of learning about ourselves, and this shouldn’t be looked down on. Those that are serious in the lifestyle will not simply walk out as a slave, and walk in as a Domme 30 seconds later and start attempting to be the biggest pain in the ass possible.

In online Gor, this is even worse. I’ve seen “slaves” flip-flop between slave and FW multiple times per week, whatever meets their needs for control at the particular moment. It’s nauseating. Stop playing games and wasting people’s time. Figure out what you want from life, and give 100% to that end. Make a decision, and live with it, for better or worse.

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