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Showing Gratitiude

April 27th, 2006

rayne often wonders if it is possible to teach one well on her way to being thirty simple lessons such as manners. Days go by where Master allows her things that she isn"t always allowed and she almost never even says "Thank You".

A while ago, Master made rayne kneel in the home office and fuck
herself with a vibrator. His ex called and they were on the phone for a
while, and He watched rayne fuck herself for some of the phone call.
After the call, He allowed her to make herself cum. Then He slapped her
for not saying thank You. The lesson didn"t hit home and rayne hasn"t
thanked Him since. Until recently.

rayne got in trouble
for mouthing off and Master told her she would be punished. Later, He
sent her to His room to get on the bed on her hands and knees. He beat
her ass for running her mouth, then fucked her and allowed her to cum.
After, she thanked Him for punishing her and for allowing her to cum.
It felt… awkward. And she was uncomfortable thanking Him for sexual
gratification. But it is a pleasure afforded to her only at His whim
and she should always be grateful for being allowed it.

her most current goal is to attempt to pay more attention to the things
she is allowed that He could take away. And to say thank You when she
is given something that she isn"t always allowed to have.

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