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Self Control

April 17th, 2006

Self control is something rayne battles with on a daily basis. With everything from mouthing off to eating too much, she has a difficult time regulating things that Master shouldn't have to (unless He wanted to). It's not always an issue. Sometimes she does really well. Someone says something that pisses her off and she smiles and walks away. Or a massive plate is set before her and she eats only half of it.

Lately, she's not been doing very well with it. her mouth is running
away with her, she eats until she feels like she's going to explode…
It's time, she thinks, for some self evaluation. Time to get in her
head and reorganize a bit so she can control herself a little more.
While Master is the master, He shouldn"t have to babysit. And rayne's
not a child.

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