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Piercings and Tattoos

April 13th, 2006

The other day Master and rayne were playing an online game and the subject of piercings and tattoos came up. It has been mostly understood since the first time we looked at a photo of a woman with pierced nipples together that He would eventually be getting rayne"s nipples pierced (though she has no desire for them to be) and rayne has come to terms with that. They"re His nipples, not hers, and He can modify them however He wants. she"s also getting a tattoo that she designed to His liking, and that she desperately wants.

However, this time, He mentioned outer labia piercings. And she
thought <i>Labia piercings?? No one said anything about piercing
my pussy!</i> rayne"s got this hang up. Though she accepts that
she"s a slut, she doesn"t always want the rest of the world to know
that. And she knows that"s not her choice. But… labia piercings??
That"s the stuff whores are made of! And she feels like even if she
never told or showed anyone, they"d just know.

In reality,
labia piercings don"t make her any more of a whore than nipple
piercings or a locked collar do. But for some reason, anything
regarding her pussy (piercings, jewelry, clamps, vibrators, etc.)
embarrasses her much more. And she knows that having needles and rings
put in her body against her will (though the piercer will never know
that) will just enhance her slavery all the more. So she should embrace
them, right? Maybe tomorrow. Today she"s still in shock.

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